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If the bat successfully took the candy, the Angel's good deeds meter would go down.

The Mesutchi and Osutchi were released in December of 1997 in Japan only.

The option to discipline cases of misbehavior which was in the original Tamagotchi was replaced by the option to praise for doing good deeds in the Tamagotchi Angel.

The caretaker could not make it do good deeds, however.

Both Mesutchi and Osutchi feature 31 characters each.

Four different generations, or TMPs, of Tamagotchi are available, but only the first one grows in a way that is affected by caretaking skills; the other three are linear.

If the environment is mostly humid, the Tamagotchi will change into the "warmer" creature for that quality of care, and vice versa for cold weather.

There are two types of eggs that can be selected to hatch in this Tamagotchi.

When a Mesutchi and Osutchi connect in the adult stage, their mating may result to a child.

In this state, the user can not do anything with the Mesutchi or Osutchi except play the game and check health status.

The caretaker then has to lower the weight of the Tamagotchi by playing the game before normal functions may resume. Tamagotch, commonly referred to as the Mori no Tamagotch, was released in February 1998 with four different designs.

If the caretaker is not responsible in their care for their Mesutchi or Osutchi, the Tamagotchi will become an adult character uninterested in love.

If the caretaker feeds the Tamagotchi too much food and it and it becomes overweight, it will turn into a "Debutchi" which takes up the whole screen.

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Here are some examples of the American Tamagotchi P1 colors: The Tamagotchi Generation Two is very similar to Generation One in terms of programming.