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I love music to this day, and I have a fairly good understanding of music and theory and how they operate. Just because you admire something doesn't mean it's your purpose.Don't let yourself be distracted by something that should be a hobby.Anyone who is in a successful relationship has mastered these two words: “I’m sorry.” Disagreeing, making mistakes and working through challenges are not only normal, but healthy.Doing so shows signs of life –– partners living fully and learning from one another.When you love your significant other, you want to know what they are thinking. It helps you know them more and makes you feel close. A thriving relationship requires a sacrificial act of opening up.

The word “conversation” stems from a Latin term that means the “act of living with.” No one enjoys the thought of spending their lives with someone who is domineering, uninterested, or distant.

What you cannot stand to see done badly is exactly where you ought to work.

If you can't stand it when the church programs are done incorrectly or when the invitations are not sent out in time—if you want things in order—maybe you should consider working in an area of administration.

Other people might not even be bothered by these things, but your inability to put up with anything less than excellence means that you have an interest there.

You need to recognize, "This is an area I have passion about." Next: Are you substituting someone else's happiness for your own?

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