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This was the first episode that aired, and a good one.Charlie accidentally quoting Dee’s black friend’s use of the “n-word”…The admission came in an oral history with GQ that chronicled the Sunny Gang's beloved musical 'The Nightman Cometh", and it's a particularly interesting quote (at least to me) for a couple of reasons.The line between what's acceptable and what's not is constantly shifting, and for creators who live on the edge, that can be problematic.then spending the entire episode scrambling to try to prove to the Waitress he loves that he’s not a racist… I also love Mac’s complete inability to talk to black people without putting his foot in his mouth.

but, as usual, the best is Charlie, becoming an instant expert on the high school gossip.One: The guys’ ongoing debate about when it is and isn’t OK to refer to a Jewish guy as a “Jew”… And two: After they blow up the building next door, in the next scene, they’re back in the bar, carefree, harmonizing to Extreme’s .Both of those are absolutely classic examples of exactly who the characters are, and what makes them all so offensively funny.My favorite thing about this episode is watching the characters hang out with high school kids…and quickly fall right back into their high school.

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And the Dee-on-steroids storyline really does its job carrying the episode, along with a strong assist from Frank.

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