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Stop wii updating

This lets you get the features of those updates without the chance of bricking that the newer update might cause (as long as you haven't previously done nasty stuff to your Wii).

Now, Nintendo has pushed a boot2 update to all Wii users, and the results are what was expected: users are reporting bricks after installing 4.2 on unmodified consoles.

thankfully for some users Please note, that I personally have not confirmed any of these cards to be working with this update as of yet, use common sense and check into the sources listed below and make a careful decision on updating.

Note: This list is from the 5.1.0-11 firmware update, as this blog was made well after this firmware update its best to check the ‘Working Flashcards’ for the latest flashcards for the latest firmware.

Homebrew users have been using Boot Mii to patch boot2 in order to gain low level system access and recovery functions (running Linux natively, fixing bricks, etc).

The update hasn't hindered this, as users can simply reinstall Boot Mii after updating (it is compatible with the update).

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Its sole purpose is to simply replace current versions which may or may not have been modified with Boot Mii.

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