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The profile picture was one I had taken just a few days before in the mirror of an office lift, wearing a white shirt tucked into high waisted blue shorts, eyes cast down towards the phone and red lipstick smirking slightly.I was single, technically, although I did not want to be.Misplacing your digital camera, that’s a whole other story.If you merely lost it at a place where you usually go, there’s still a chance you can get your camera back, but is there hope if the digital camera was stolen from you? You see, every photo taken with a digital camera has an EXIF data that is like a unique serial number of you digital camera.You can donate to their cause or help Stolen Camera Finder by installing its Chrome extension on your Chrome browser.This extension will do only one thing that is to scan EXIF data stored in all images loaded on your browser.

So when I sat there in the baking June summer, the hottest I had ever known in a place I lived, staring at myself on the screen, it was all so tangibly close.I had begun to think that I should force myself to accept it by beginning to date again.I had tested the waters by telling my ex that I had been asked out (true) and that I didn’t know whether to say yes (false).is a psychological thriller which plays delightfully with the uncanny valley of stolen online identity.Alice (Madeleine Brewer) is a cam girl, performing under the name Lola, and her status is steadily climbing.

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This week, it’s Cam: an uncanny (and actually good! Writer Megan Nolan bravely ventures into the latest Netflix Original releases, in an attempt to figure out if anything is even worth our time anymore.

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