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Some parents go to great lengths putting rules in place for dating.There's even been a show on the topic – Regardless of the dating age in your household, perhaps the most important question is, “Is your teen prepared to date?

If, for instance, you're on the fence about whether or not to take sexual activity to the next level, a healthy dose of fear may cause you to pause, particularly if you're not prepared to take the necessary precautions."My advice is this: wait as long as you can," Allen says.Her rationale for these dating rules may seem obvious, but many people tend to forget in the heat of the moment.”“In our rush to teach young people sex education, I believe we have left out some of the important basics like: If you have a crush on someone, how do you let them know you like them? How can you tell if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy?” says Marline Pearson, author of Increasing Your Relationship Smarts, part of Love U 2, a comprehensive relationship curriculum.“Teens are on a journey to learn about love, relationships, themselves and their emerging sexuality.

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According to the singles whom Allen has encountered, boomers generally play by far different dating rules than young, 20-something daters.

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