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Speeddatinglobby com

Road Block believes that strong independent community groups, united and learning from one another, is the best way to stop roads and force a change in transport policy.Fighting a road in isolation is demoralising and unlikely to succeed against such strong opponents.If you would like a list of the new schemes the Df T is considering, please contact Road Block.Roads costs rocket sky-high Using figures of the latest roads costs obtained in a 19 Dec Parliamentary Question by Lib Dem MP Tom Brake, Road Block has calculated that trunk road costs have increased an average of 67% since they were first approved. Road Block did the same calculations last year, based on July costings, and found that trunk road costs were then going up by 53% and local roads by 40%.We shall know in the Spring, after the government has received priority lists from the regional cabals at the end of this month, what they have decided will get the limited cash for the next ten years!

The report also revealed how heavily car dependent Newbury is, with poor public transport.

This is against a national average increase of about 5% for the same period!

Also levels of traffic on the bypass had already exceeded 2010 projections by 2003!

Meanwhile the Scottish Executive has gone roads crazy (M74, Dalkeith and Edinburgh), and a huge M4 toll road is planned across the Gwent Levels in Wales.

However, in 2005 the resistance to this madness started to grow...

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Barker conducted a Treasury driven review on how to speed up the delivery of new housing which has been roundly criticised.

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