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South park dating quiz

None of the other children in South Park have displayed this kind of ability, meaning that she might be the best ice skater in the boys' class.Wendy has shown herself to be a fairly decent fighter, beating up Cartman after he repeatedly made jokes about Breast Cancer in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".

Wendy was the class president of South Park Elementary until "Dances with Smurfs".

She is generally friendly to others and seems well-liked at school, but she is unwilling to let her beliefs be compromised by popularity.

Wendy is shown to be very intelligent and politically aware, writing an essay on the suffering of Bottlenose dolphins, donating candy to starving children in Nairobi, being willing to give Afghanistan children a dollar, opposing the American-Canadian War and doing a report on the suffering of Breast Cancer patients.

Wendy's voice changed little with Schneider and Marshall, however, her voice was altered drastically with Stewart, to a much lower, more mature tone.

Wendy wears a pink beret, a light purple jacket with a navy blue trim, navy blue gloves, and yellow trousers.

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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut shows her with the rest of the third graders at Stark's Pond, ice skating.

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