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Tongue Out : P :=P :-P :p :=p :-p This is another cute smilie for Skype that can show many different messages.If you put your tongue out of your mouth it can mean that you’re teasing someone!Wondering :^) If you’re thinking about something hard, then check out the wondering emote.It lets people know that you’re weighing up all the options!Cool 8) 8=) 8-) B) B=) B-) (cool) There’s nothing cooler than a cool skype emoticon, and this one has the shades to match!There’s even a little sunlight glinting off the sunglasses to show how cool you are!Kiss :* :=* :-* A kiss smiley can finally let someone who you’re chatting with that you love them!It can also thank a person on your buddy list if they have done something for you in the past.

Sad Smile :( :=( :-( Ok, so you’re not always happy – and if you want to show that your emotion is a little negative, then why not put this sad Skype smiley out there?Need to let people know that you want to be like them, or want what they have? You might also use this one to stop someone who is constantly talking!Bear (bear) (hug) When you’re far away from someone and you want to let them know you want to give them a hug, then send this bear! Make-up (makeup) (kate) We often talk to our friends on Skype when we’re getting ready for a big night out or a party – so why not put your make-up on with this lipstick emotion!Heart (h) (H) (l) (L) Another romantic emoticon for you lovers out there – the heart can be sent to a boyfriend, girlfriend or even family members who need some loving! Mail (e) (m) Sometimes you can’t continue a chat and so you need to put it into an email – well this emoticon can help you pass the message on to your chat buddy!Broken heart (u) (U) Has someone said something which completely rocked your world? Flower (f) (F) Want to give a gift to a girlfriend or boyfriend?

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