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Sex text chat operator

For that reason, most phone sex operators (PSOs) opt for talking or subscription-based services. Especially since your managing the subscribers and phone numbers yourself.It is possible to sell phone numbers (usually done as a store item on various networks). If you go this route, definitely make sure to use a different phone than your normal phone, with an area code that’s far away from where you really live.The only requirements are that you are at least 18 years of age and a US resident.

We are looking for only the best to fill our growing needs.

Let's take the next step to your financial freedom together. Combined we have over 30 years in the phone sex business!!

The Phone Sex Bar is looking for EXPERIENCED and hardworking PSO's to fill positions, all shifts. Tired of having managers or owners that take and take, from you and never giving anything back but disrespect and attitude? Be treated as the powerful, educated and smart woman that you are! We are one of the most successful adult entertainment companies in the nation and we are currently in search of reliable, home based telephone actresses.

Work from home for the nation's largest adult telecommunications company.

We are looking for great voice talents to work in the privacy of your own home on our adult phone lines. Need a few extra operators to take our overflow calls as needed. If you are looking for an excellent opportunity to join our, reputable company in the phone sex industry then we welcome you to apply.

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When sexting over a network, you’re paid per message.