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While we believe we offer our clients the most gorgeous girls in the city, we are always happy and excited to work with you to find the exact women to meet your dreams if you want to try something a bit different.

There is a difference between a fetish and a preference.

Because my agency was escort only, I only ever spoke to clients on the phone to arrange bookings, so perhaps the distance of the phone line was a factor in having people open up to me.

Technically speaking a fetish is an object or body part whose presence is psychologically required for sexual gratification.

Your Discretion Is Guaranteed With our Agency We know that discretion is important to you because it is important to us.

Unlike other escort services in Philippi WV we never keep records of your appointments.

Most people tend to overuse the term "fetish" with grand hyperbole much like people over self-diagnose OCD.

No, you do not have obsessive-compulsive disorder because you like having all your books in order on your shelf.

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That commitment to protecting you and helping you to relax starts when you contact us for the first time.

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  1. Jim just happened to beat me to the punch, but if he hadn't done some scheming against me, I would have done it for him." What did you make of Ozzy's reaction? "I honestly look for the best in people, that's in my nature.