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I just want to know what to expect and if it's what I'm looking for .. You're looking to meet new dudes, so you will not be disappointed hanging out in Old Town Scottsdale. Is "successful" 100k a year, or 500k a year, or a million a year? Pro Tip: Don't be impressed with guys in law school. By no means do I want a sugar daddy or a man for his money. Thanks You will fit right in with the old town crowd, but good luck finding a keeper there - most dudes who frequent that scene are 30k millionaires, as we like to say, driving around entry level BMWs. That entire scene is all young, attractive women looking for the same thing, so you will be a commodity. If you ask me, most successful, older guys aren't drinking that often - they're too busy working and/or building a business. They're likely taking on 250k worth of student loan debt and aren't very employable unless they go to a top law school. Phoenix Singles solves this problem by only hosting events for individuals who could be a great match for each other.That way you already have things in common to talk about the second you sit own. It’s boorish behavior and it doesn’t help to foster a meaningful dialogue.Participants who aren’t close to you in age It could be awkward to go on a date with someone thirty years your senior, or twenty years younger than you.Most people actually want to date someone close to their own age, and with Phoenix Singles, all participants at events are age appropriate matches. Those odds aren’t great if you’re a man showing up.

Never think a hugely successful man will always remain faithful.

With Phoenix Singles, you’ll find our members considerate, polite, and ready to talk about you.

Simply put, we don’t have members that only talk about themselves.

Cliche, yes, but no one believes it's true when they're your age.

Hard Truth Pro Tip: VERY successful men realize they have a significant life advantage. Seems like all the men I meet here where I live are all too young..

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Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! I'm sure there's many in pheonix so I'm not worried about finding a job. I've lived on the east coast and down south and the d Ating scene and lifestyle were polar opposites .. I'm an attractive fe MAle , young 20s, I will have a stable job I finance myself .

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  1. The way this man lived his life reminded me of a teenager or a 20-year old boy. I had this huge fear that I would end up stuck in a miserable situation where I’m taking care of another grown man as if he’s my child -– a situation similar to the marriage I ended not so long ago.