Sccm software inventory not updating

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Sccm software inventory not updating

Although not much has changed since I originally wrote the article back in 2008, in this updated version I have added a few more steps and will show you how this applies to all four inventory types.This blog post will provide you with the steps needed to troubleshoot inventory as it flows from the PC to the Configuration Manager (Config Mgr) database.Collection: Namespace = \.\root\ccm\invagt; Query = SELECT Name, Path, Last Write Date, Size, Company Name, Product Name, Product Version, Product Language, File Version, File Description FROM File System File WHERE Name = '*.exe' AND Path = '*\*' AND Is Compressed = FALSE AND Is Encrypted = FALSE; Timeout = 14400 secs.The Management Point receives the message from the Advanced Client via a CCM_POST request. If the inventory data in the XML file is a Delta, the XML file is used to generate a . On the other hand, if the XML file is complete inventory information, a .

Then notice a few lines later that the PC name is listed (blue arrow) and the inventory is being added to the CM12 database.

In about 10 minutes I tried the Hardware Inventory Cycle again and this time it was successfully processed in the

I thought that it was about time to finally update my article on how to troubleshoot hardware inventory flow.

Software Inventory Rule information (what an administrator has configured SCCM to inventory) is stored within the same namespace of WMI (Root\CCM\Policy\Machine) Each rule is stored in an instance of this class.

Once the properties of the scan have been determined, and the Advanced Client knows what type of scan (Full, Delta or Resync) to perform, as well as what it is scanning for (as defined in the Software Inventory Rules), it is time for it to perform the actual scan.

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Searching for the client name in this log, you can see at the bottom there was a Delta Mismatch.

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