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Samsung weather widget not updating location

I had to turn the weather feature in lock screen to OFF and then it works again and found my location immediately. phenry's answer mentioned that you couldn't run the weather and pedometer at the same time. I found out that I could run both if I deleted the clock from the clock screen. FYI I've run weather and pedometer health apps same time for years. I've a gs3, gs4, gs5, updated to android 5 and 6 versions noticed that only clock showed no weather information Iin weather widget.

You can turn the lock screen display features like the Camera shortcut, Weather and Pedometer on or off by going to the following directory. Infact no weather, no colour photo ot animation, just a clock left side.

Simply press and hold the ON/OFF button and Home button until you see Apple logo on the screen. I’m sure the tricks as mentioned above would get the job done for you. If you are yet to overcome the issue, it’s time to delete the app and reinstall it. Hence, I’d recommend you to keep your device updated.

But if you select While using the app, it is updated only when you open the app. It’d be great to know your feedback in the comments below.

The Galaxy S5 will be featuring a new version of its Touch Wiz with many improvements and features.

Alongside many new apps, UI changes and features, the Galaxy S5 also brings a new version of the Accu Weather Clock widget.

I was warned by installed that I'd be overwriting a newer one with older. After 3 hours decided to hit the reset all to default in the Change System Settings under the menu key.

I checked my weather feature in lock screen and it was turned on but it still would not find my location. Note: You may have to restart your device for the changes to take place.

Note: If you have already added the Weather widget, tap on the red button to remove it and then tap on Done to confirm. To force restart i Phone X, i Phone 8/8 Plus, jump over to this quick guide. If that is the case, it’s time to take a hard decision, and that is to reset your device to factory default. Open Settings app on your i OS device → General Step #2. Open Settings app → General → Software Update and install the latest i OS version.

To hard reset your i Phone 7/7 Plus, press and hold the volume down button and ON/OFF button at once. However, I can’t discount the possibility of them not working. Simply touch and hold on the app and when it starts wiggling, tap on the “X” button. It will not only make your device more secure but also help it to run smoothly.

Well there is nothing special about new apps and widgets on a new smartphone, but if those goodies are ported to work on other devices, it becomes a thing of wider interest.

from the XDA forums has successfully ported the Galaxy S5 Accu Weather widget to work on older Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

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I remembered that I'd gone crazy restricting tons of apps to get better battery life.