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Samples of chats with hot girls

Here are selected websites that focus on girls' and/or young women's interests and resources.A red asterisk () indicates a site designed for girls and/or young women, rather than a site for adults about girls/young women.We believe in the potential of computing to build a better world." Included is a list of about three dozen varied career areas that use computer skills, as well as profiles of more than a dozen "dot divas" who are making a difference in fields such as medicine, film, forensics, robotics, and social networking.There's also a "webisode" video about two young women who are programmers for a video game company.)(Canadian project to make math and science fun for young people age 9-14.Sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering.) (This site describes itself as "a guide to engineering for high school girls." It includes photos and videos of young women who are engineers as well as information about what engineering is, why it is important, attractive careers in engineering, and how to prepare to become an engineer.The site also includes sections for counselors and parents and for engineers.)(Conferences "designed to nurture girls' interest in science and math courses and to encourage them to consider science and math based career options." The site lists conferences by state, providing links when possible.

The game's hero is a Chinese-American girl named Josie True, who becomes involved in intrigue across time and space as she tries to find her inventor-turned-teacher, Ms. The electronically sophisticated game is probably best enjoyed on a very fast Internet connection.

The middle school girls also create an online magazine to tell their peers about science and technology.

) (Web site sponsored by the Feminist Majority to provide tools and resources students need to become involved in pro-choice activism on campus.

Collections of cryptographs are for sale by mail, but the daily cryptograph and the answer to the previous day's puzzle are free.) (A site for young women interested in computing and in making a difference.

The website proclaims "We're young women with the power and passion to make a difference.

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It includes coverage of efforts to remedy the imbalance between males' and females' involvement with technology.) (Martha C.