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I've searched everywhere to try and find a picture, it's crazy.

It was redesigned several times including a smoother lower point, a Junior version with simpler electronics and a pointless version which is quite rare.

my email is [email protected] have just verified the year and quarter and number in manufacture so if i could do that for you and it would help i would be more then hapyt to do it!

I bought this Warlock off a guy who didn't know what series it was so, he sold it to me for 0, reasoning that even if it is one of the cheaper series at would still be a fair price and if it's a better guitar, then I win.

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Rich NJ Series Cherry red color All gold hardware Bolt on neck Original Floyd Rose double locking it has 3 knobs (2 vol, 1 tone) and 3 (on-off) mini switches It has the pointy 6-tuners on the top headstock Serial number is 25680 If anyone can give me any insight into this guitar, I'd appreciate it!

Assuming that you do have a US ST and this is what you are talking about I would be more then happy to take some detailed photos of the wiring of both of my basses (one is set up stock, the other with EMGs) and send them to you.

Derek Derek, I am talking about my 6 string guitar.

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Initially the pickups were Gibsons, rewired as 4 conductor and potted.