Roses most popular personal sites dating singles roses

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Roses most popular personal sites dating singles roses

The apricot pink rosettes have a deliciously strong rose fragrance and the medium size blooms with 50-100 petals bloom repeatedly on a medium size bushy plant with medium green colored foliage. Jennifer Lance, of Three Mile Bay, New York, wrote us, “Amiga Mia took a 20 degree snap in early November without any cover, colder temperatures with only a few shovelfuls of compost, and is blooming very well. This is one of two (Fair Bianca is the other) of Oprah's favorite roses for her bedside table. The plants are disease resistant, regally tall and continuous flowering. In 2001, Angel Face was the James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal Winner, which is awarded to very fragrant roses by the American Rose Society. Its grey-green foliage is a perfect foil for the clear pink, semi double blooms that are exquisite in each stage of opening. Planted along the road, where it gets very little sun, our plant is a graceful, self-supporting shrub about seven feet high, but I do not feel it would be quite as tall when grown in full sun. Long canes arch gracefully bearing their load of fragrant flowers with aplomb. A valuable rose for banks, fences, or low retaining walls. The blossoms have a mild honey fragrance that some may find hard to detect. Fat, rounded buds open an unusual coppery rose with violet overtone, deepening to the richest violet imaginable. As the blooms age they get an almost metallic silvery blue color mixed with the velvety purple. See more about him at Iowa State University's web site: Beauty is excellent as a bushy ever blooming shrub. Its low-thorned stems, fragrance, and dark green leaves make it a natural for boutonnieres. The charming "sweatheart rose" which is especially fine in climbing form. (nwah-ZETT) Famous in England for the astounding flushes of white bloom with pale pink blush. Its apricot yellow buds and old gold to cream colored flowers, blooming in clusters, are delightful. The stamens and aonthers are burgundy red and at the end of the bloom cycle a white eye appears at the base of the petals. Planted in an area with several Albas and Damasks, it cannot be beat for bringing life to all colors in its vicinity. He was a master of creating hardy, disease resistant, repeat blooming, and fragrant roses. The blooms, at their fullest, are 2 1/2 inches across with a sweet, clear perfume.

One of the most popular climbing roses, this consistent performer produces abundant clusters of pure scarlet red flowers. This rose is wonderful, whether used as a climber against a wall or fence, or as a self-supporting plant. From Irene Mc Kinney, Lompoc, CA came this comment. Like Iceberg and Robin Hood, Burgundy Iceberg makes a great landscape plant. The plant is one of the best of the Gallica family with few thorns and dark foliage. It is useful as a bedding plant with herbaceous perennials and annuals. It is suitable for the front of a border, a small place in the garden close to a sitting spot, for a pot, and countless other places. A mass of bloom in the spring (We have a plant here that is climbing into a redwood tree-it will climb almost any kind if given the chance!

Karen Kaufman, Pittsboro, North Carolina, wrote "Every shade of peach in existence finds its way into the blossoms, which are beautifully formed at every stage..such energy of growth! " Although peach tones are evident in deepening hues toward the center, the blooms give the overall impression of a delightful, soft yellow.

A beloved climber with well shaped and sweetly fragrant buds that become large full blooms of two-toned pink roses with a backdrop of dark green disease resistant leathery leaves.

A vigorous, heat tolerant, and disease resistant climber with long lasting large single flowers with seven deep blood red, velvety petals with bright yellow stamens.

I lost nearly half of my hybrid teas, and if there are roses like Amiga Mia around, who needs those others anyway?

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Rich damask fragrance and long, strong cutting stems on a vigorous bush make this Hybrid Tea a classic. Mary Hamre, of Molalla, Oregon, wrote about Blanc Double de Coubert, "My two bushes of 'Blanc' are among the first to bloom in the Spring and have lovely clusters of pure white blooms continuously until Fall frost.