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Recipient update service not updating

The RUS then calculates valid email addresses, and provides them back to the set task.

Once this information is provided the set task then commits the changes to the directory.

System Policy:• Sets the home MDB, home MTA and/or ms Exch Home Server Name if at least one is present.

It will not change any attribute if is already there.• Sets the ms Exch Mailbox Guid if not present.• Sets the legacy Exchange DN if not present.• Sets the display Name if not present.• For Groups that have the hide DLMembership attribute equal to TRUE, it will added some Non-Canonical ACEs into the ACL of that group, to prevent people from seeing the membership of that group.

In Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 the RUS has become a process initiated by a task rather then scanning the directory for changes.

The following command is called: set-mailbox –identity BARBARA –hidden From Address List:$FALSE At this point the task contacts the directory and reads the attributes.

If one is not present, the task will look to adjacent Active Directory sites.

Let’s take a look at how this changing from a directory scan to a task based system could cause the symptoms I outlined above.

Proxy addresses are always calculated and sent to the task which will re-write them to the directory.

Other attributes, such as name etc, are only written to the directory if they were specified in the set command to be changed.

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In this case what we had was a centralized portal for information where end users could request that updates be made to their accounts.