Recipient policies not updating on exchange

Posted by / 16-Nov-2019 16:41

Recipient policies not updating on exchange

Hi Conrad, there are two different Create SMTPDomain procedures in MPS: 01) One procedure creates SMTP domain with a separate policy for that domain.

hi, after registering a new domain and adding it to office 365 i thought by simply updating the email address policy it would apply to all mailboxes, dls etc. once the domain is added to the default policy a dialogue box appears saying "warning.

If the Policy Tester shows that a signature policy is applied, but the received message has the wrong signature applied, access the signature template that SHOULD be applied and ensure you have configured each of the three messaging formats. On the toolbar (above the Save and Close icon) you will see tabs for each of the three formats (HTML, Rich Text and Plain Text): 4.

Click on each tab to create the template for that format.

This procedure create only SMTP mail alias for the existing domain policy.

We have existing recipient policy and primary SMTP domain for the organization (for example

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