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Reading online dating profiles

What I do is glance at a gal’s photos to see if she’s hot, quickly glance at where she lives to ensure she doesn’t live too far away (my rule: I will not drive more than 45 minutes from my home), and if she’s on Plenty of Fish I will give one extra glance to make sure she’s not there for “Intimate Encounter” which will screw up my account if I email her.I run my blitzes based on age, so I don’t need to check that. If those three things check out, boom, I hit the ol’ CTRL-V, paste my opener in there, and then I’m on to the next woman. Even if you’re a good-looking guy with a fantastic profile, most women you email won’t even respond to you.

To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.How can you cram your life’s story into one or two paragraphs?What do you say to introduce yourself to date prospects you haven’t met in person?I could go on and on with real examples from my life that show this is true, but you get the point. You get to know a woman from the you have with her. In terms of what women want or don’t want, if she’s under the age of 33, you can safely assume that most or all of the stuff on her profile is complete, crap on her profile is very real. I’ll respond to the objection some of you are thinking.

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