Ralph macchio and karina smirnoff dating

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But for the ones who've retained their name recognition, good looks, and a sense of humor, you can always find work playing one very important guy: yourself.

(Some actors, like James Van Der Beek, have even become arguably more popular playing satirical versions of their real-life personas than they ever were to begin with.) Macchio's immense level of fame followed by his virtual disappearing act 20 years ago makes him especially sought after when it comes to cameo work; so far, he's popped up playing himself in episodes of (where former co-star Billy Zabka also made a signature appearance.) And he's not averse to revisiting the role that made him famous…or at least its headgear.

Read on for a couple more of my thoughts from this week's round.

The next season she finished fifth with Billy Ray Cyrus.

The two would team up again when Karina guest starred on “Hannah Montana.” Karina also teamed up with her former DWTS partner Ralph Macchio in her first leading role in a short film, Across Grace Alley.

Karina also starred in two Broadway shows, Burn the Floor and Forever Tango.

In Season 13, she went all the way, winning the Mirrorball trophy with J.

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Apparently, she was OK and released wearing a neck brace and resumed practice shortly after.