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Before the 1890’s, and until the entire railroad industry accepted Ball’s standards, different railroads had different qualifiers.One rail may have had a list of accepted makes and models while another may have only listed necessary features or timekeeping performance thresholds.At this time both the watch companies and the railroads were hitting their stride in terms of volume and quality.An important part of standard watch regulations included service intervals and testing, but there is also a list of features that almost all railroad watches shared.pulling the crown (winding knob) away from the watch, then pushing the crown back towards the watch to return to winding mode.Most had a fixed regulator to avoid timekeeping variation from impact (A), a double roller balance wheel to avoid going out of action (often called overbanking) (B), 19 or more jewels to reduce friction and increase consistency of the gear train (C), timekeeping adjustment in 5 or more positions to make sure the watch kept accurate time regardless of orientation (D), and adjustment for temperature to ensure accuracy in a variety of climates (E).Many railroad watches had solid gold or gold plated gear trains (F) and jewel settings (G) to reduce the effects of magnetism as well as reduce tarnishing, and later watches had features such as magnetically resistant balance wheels, Elinvar hairsprings, adjustments for isochronism, and advanced cap jewel covers (H).

In 1927, the Hamilton Watch Company purchased Illinois and manufactured watches in the Springfield factory up until 1932.Many individuals would agree that railroad watch dials were some of the most beautiful watch faces of the time.Mechanically speaking, almost all 1900’s railroad watches shared a number of performance and reliability enhancing features.A railroad grade pocket watch is simply a watch that was approved by a particular railroad organization for use by conductors on their rail.The specific definition of “railroad grade” evolved quite a bit over the years.

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The Railroad Edition case features a 3-piece design with an easily removable cam-lock bezel to access the lever.

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