Пирсинг Vertical clitoris hood piercing


Clit Piercing


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Clit piercing by: Dre @HarlemHype

18 and older to view this video Be advise NUDITY AND STRONG LANGUAGE How we do CLIT PIERCING at Harlem Hype. Our location Harlem Hype Tattoo .

Genital Piercings

I was curious about genital piercings: how they work, how they heal, and what they mean for pleasure. This episode is a result of that curiosity. Dr. Doe’s contact .

VCH ( Vertical Clitoral Hood) ( Clit piercing ), what to look for and aftercare instructions

This video will explain how this procedure should be done by a licensed professional as well as the aftercare instructions. IG- @shawn_njspiercer.

Sophia Grace Gets a Clitoral Hood Piercing (VCH)

Adult star Sophia Grace gets a clitoral hood piercing (VCH) in 4k 360 VR. Experience what it’s like to be in the room with someone while they get a genital .

Labiaplasty Delhi Clitoris Unhooding India

Whow do you should like, bigs ou smool labios?

Watch Amazing Clit Piercing.

Watch Amazing Clit piercing.

Clit and Hood Piercings During Sex!

Show your support and get rewards! — http://patreon.com/bryci http://twitter.com/bryci http://twitter.com/bellapass http://instagram.com/bryci .

update on my clitoral hood piercing | healing process, after care, how does it feel?

update on my piercing M U S I C I do not own the rights to this music F O L L O W M E instagram: @baiirr__ https://www.instagram.com/baiirr__/ snapchat: .

Brustwarzenpiercing ohne Betäubung �� Marc’s Piercing TV

Hier der Link zur Prontolind Piercing Pflegeserie: https://www.piercing-mega-store.de/Piercing-Pflege Und zur Anti Wildfleisch Piercing Disc: .

30 seconds before a vertical CLITORAL hood piercing . by Kija

Is she prepared for the piercing? See the reaction when she gets here: piercing in next video https://youtu.be/7Oi7mfvWf1Y.


Hier der Link zur Prontolind Pflegeserie für neu gestochene Piercings: https://www.piercing-mega-store.de/Piercing-Pflege Und zur Anti Wildfleisch Piercing .

5 Shocking Sexual Traditions From Around The World!!

5 Shocking Sexual Practices/Traditions From Around The World! Transcript: From a tribe of men stealing each others wife to kids having sex at a very young age .

Precious getting her p pierced

Girl Changing Her Piercing On Live.

Girl Changing Her Piercing On Live.

Reconstrucción pene/ Penis Reconstuction

Reconstrucción de pene con colgajo microquirúrgico de antebrazo En este caso se le practica una reconstrucción de pene a un paciente intervenido .

Piercing on Vagina of a Hot Girl | Hot Girl Piercing V > Its Fun To Be Young

Hot Girl Belly Piercing Video Ear Piercing Video , Nose Piercing Video Belly Piercing Ears Piercing Piercing Failed Nipples Piercing Nipple Piercing Bazaar .

Most Common Female Genital Piercings| Christina Piercing

A Christina piercing, also known as a Venus piercing, is a female genital piercing. It is located where the outer labia meet, below the pubic mound.

V C H 10g

Performed at Laughing Buddha in Seattle in 2020.

vertical clitoris hood piercing?

Im getting my clitorious hood pierced but i want to know is there anything you can get in ireland for numbin it before hand thanks

11 Answers

Its really not that bad, at least it wasnt for me.. Dont worry about getting numbed up, its over in 2 seconds!

(STD and sex free thank you very much)

Put a ice pack down there for a while before the piercer does it, it really helps to numb the pain. Numbing creams interfere with the healing process so should be avoided, but I found ice good anyway oh and I also take a couple of panadol (pain relief tablets from the supermarket/chemist) half an our before.

You really won`t need any numbing. The piercing is over before you know it, a little pinch then it`s done. Numbing creams can interfere with healing so they really shouldn`t be used.

The piercer should have all that covered, pardon the pun.

If they’ve done this sort of piercing before they’ll know exactly what to use.

Пирсинг Vertical clitoris hood piercing

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Clitoris piercing

My ol lady wants to know if it hurts

she wants to let someone put a needle through one of the most-densely nerve-packed spots on the female body and she can’t openly accept the idea that it’s going to hurt? Is she really looking at this realistically?

Is she aware that some women find they loose or wind up with reduced sensation from such a piercing? Or that sometimes the piercings reject, which means the body essentially tries to «spit out» the jewelry? (which makes the pain of piercing seem like nothing)

Or that she’ll have to practice safer sex with you for a few months while it heals so as to avoid infection?

I have 30 piercings in my body, some extremely intimate, and I’ll never do that one.

She is willing to accept that it hurts if it does, I think asking the question is proof that she is looking at it realistically. I think having it done and then being surprised that it hurt would show how unrealistic someone may be. I appreciate the advice and you made some good points about safe sex so, thanks.

What is the purpose for getting it? Hub Moment!

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If your wife is going to get a clitoris piercing, there are a few things she needs to be made aware of. Getting the actual clitoris pierced means there is a 60% chance that she will lose all feeling in her clitoris forever. There is a higher risk of infection with that type of piercing as well. And yes, it’s going to hurt for about 3-5 seconds before it goes temporarily numb. After the numbness wears off, I would describe the pain as mild and usually only hurts if it is rubbed against something or, sometimes, while walking. She also will not be able to have sex for 6-8 weeks.

I recommend getting the hood of the clitoris pierced instead of the actual clitoris. There is almost no chance that she will lose any feeling. It has about the same result. (i.e. Increased sensitivity, random orgasms, etc) In the long run, getting the hood of the clitoris pierced is safer and just as effective as getting the actual clitoris pierced.

i think whenever someone mentions a clitoris piercing they typically mean a hood piercing.

You’d be surprised how many women are clueless that their clitoris even has a hood, actually. I worked the front desk at a tattoo/piercing place for about six months and a lot of the women who came in, wanted their clitoris pierced. Of course, we had to make them aware of the risks and, since the price was the same, we normally suggested they get a hood piercing instead. Then we had to explain that a clitoris had a hood. It astounds me sometimes, that people can be so clueless about their own bodies.

okay, it was the most painful piercing for like, less than 5 seconds. seriously for half a second it hurts, period. after that half a second it never ever hurts again! easiest and fastest healing piercing i ever had.
so worth the second of pain!

If it’s not done properly, you can lose all or half the sensitivity

I have my clit pierced, and no it did not hurt. The healing process is a little intense and uncomfortable, but the piercing itself did not hurt

I used to be a body pierced and say it will certainly hurt for quite a while

Well, if you are looking for a fair, unbiased and fully researched opinion on the matter, might I suggest you try piercing the head of your penis? A sterilized nail gun should do the trick just fine. Once you regain consciousness and the blood has been staunched, and barring an annoying interruption to the emergency room, share then with her what sensations you experienced during your research. Make sure to leave out no vital detail or nuance of description. She then has everything necessary to make an educated decision.

OR you could tell her only an insane person would deliberately put herself through such an ordeal.

From the women I’ve talked to, it can hurt in the beginning, but after awhile it becomes second nature for it to be there.

Uh, what do you think? (not that I have any personal experience

There are things I wouldn’t know about, having a clitoris would be one of them.

Imagine having your penis pierced — OUCH!

NO! I won’t imagine that, shit, I just did.

So . . . there we are

I need someone with experience to answer.

I have my clit hood pierced (VCH). It hurt for like 2 seconds and then it was done. It hurt less than an ear piercing and i have my ears pierced 5 times both sides, both tragus done, bellybutton, and just recently my vch.

I’m sure it does. OMG no body piercings over here folks!

I knew a Welsh girl who had it done, she said it hurt like hell, then she orgasmed.

She was Welsh though, you might want to take that in to account, they are all a lil weird.

Fine line between pleasure and pain even if you’re not Welsh.

I had my ear pierced as a Teen also, but it didn’t hurt.
Not an oaf and ain’t gonna pull on anything unless she wants me to.

Nice to know and of course your not. Shocked there are not more threads to this posting. When I was a nurse I used to prep people for operations and the amount of intimate piercings was gobsmacking. You would be amazed at the amount of little old ladies with broken hips who had a clit rings.

Now your going to need some ointment for your minds eye.

Little old lady clit rings, I guess I haven’t lived enough.

LOL. I had my ears pierced when I was 14 without anesthetic. Of course it hurt. I am certain that having something as sensitive as a clitoris pierced would definately hurt and because of its location, would be prone to infection. Hopefully Texan, you are not an oaf and so will not be accidently yanking the piercing in a non enjoyable way. Either a passion killer or thriller depending on your point of view.

From what i heard it doesnt hurt that badly Texan not as bad as nipple piercing.. The clitoris goes numb after a second or 2 then its painless thereon.

Is that how it was for you?

Definately not for me. I’ve got pierced ears and that’s enough.

All I have to say is OUCH! that being said, I am told no worse than your tongue. But for me ears is good.

not at all, piercing your ears hurts more. ah. so I heard

btw someone said clitoris, I’m so telling.

I have my ears pierced, had my tongue and belly button pierced but have never had the desire to get anything else done. The thought just gives me the willies!! LOL

why would anyone want to pierce their clit?? I mean unless they decide to be life long nudists but I’ve never seen the logic behind that.

I heard it kills your orgasms.. wouldn’t want that for your old lady man.

*crosses legs* ow is all I have to say

oh and hey peeps

I’m with you Craz I’m keeping my legs together.

I’m with you, I just go woozy thinking about it. So much could go wrong. Why would anyone risk it?

I have never done piercings but I am willing to practice.

Uh Oh! Invasion of the moonphlower!! You know that name could be a name for something else!!

No sir. it’s as innocent as it sounds!!

Thats what I would say.

Of course it is!!

Let’s break it down.

Moon- Sounds like what you do when you bare the butt.

phlower- another name for .

See? It’s all in the same area!

You have just crushed my nickname. for it will never be thought of the same way again. :p

Who do you think you’re kidding? No you’re not!!

Doctor Hokey is in..

are you certified?

I saw the title and screamed a little inside. Couldn’t even imagine the pain. And yes piercings can reject from anywhere. My daughters belly button piercing was pushing itself straight out through the skin in front of the piercing.

And I am thinking if she would ever like to wear clothes on the bottom half of her body that would be a lot of irritation, and if it caught on her clothes. AUGH.

I know a lot of women who have these and you will get a range of answers to the did it hurt question. most say it was sore for about one week but healed quickly if kept clean and dry.

Well first, getting ears pierced did not hurt in my experience, they simply «glowed» for a few minutes. The belly button felt more like a brief, but quite hard «pinch». But the clitoris, no way on earth would I let that get pierced, makes my eyes water just thinking about it. If your Wife is really sure she wants it done I recommend she smother the clitoral area in lignocaine cream first (buy in chemist/pharmacy) and leave on for 45 mins (preferably covered in cling film in order to avoid it rubbing off). Lignocaine is a local anaesthetic cream used normally for children who are scared of needles and injections. It really works well, and I have used it for 2 of my 3 tattoos in order to avoid feeling any pain at all.

It hurts, but is less painful than one would think because the needle used is of a surgical grade (very sharp). It is absolutely imperative to find an experienced professional who uses strict sterile practices. Do research, make sure the person doing the piercing has all the appropriate licenses and certs.

There is a high chance of infection, and sometimes they can be difficult to get rid of. There is a high chance of complete loss of sensitivity. As Pani said, better to pierce the hood rather than the actual clitoris. Even if she experiences the increased sensitivity and random orgasms, there is a chance that over time she will ultimately lose all sensitivity.

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Personally, I would lean toward not doing a clitoris piercing. But, that’s just me. Which ever way ya’ll go. Best of luck!

Why would somebody want this done in the first place? If there’s a chance one could lose sensitivity, why take the chance? Is it supposed to make sex better?

I have never lost sensitivity, 5 years later and its purpose is to enhance -doesnt take long to learn how.

No regrets and gratitude 10 fold from the Mr.

Do you have yours done Lyrics?

I can’t understand why a guy would have his foreskin pierced or why a girl would have the «hood» her ‘clit» pierced.
Can you explain why for me?

It enhances sexual pleasure and stimulation. It looks pretty. There are other reasons, but I think these are the most common.

I have had a couple of partners with hood piercings, all of them said the short term discomfort was way worth the long term benefits.

I dont know if the piercing was cause or effect, but all three could be described as hypersexual

Tex, I obviously can’t speak from experience on this. but do know one thing: Whether it does or does not hurt for ONE person may not have much to do with the NEXT individual.

Example: When I got my first pair of tattoos (in a single sitting), they weren’t in super-sensitive locations—only the forearms—and my tattoo artist assured me that in a little while after he started, my endorphins would kick in and I’d quit feeling pain. When I assured HIM that my endorphins don’t do that, he was startled. I felt every lick of the needle, for sure.

On the other and admittedly weird hand, I had a hernia repair under a local anesthetic. When it wore off, even though I’d been prescribed some hardcore pain pills, I never needed them and only used a couple of extra strength Tylenol for a day or two. Yet a buddy who worked at the Post Office had the same sort of operation and it took him 18 days to be able to straighten up!

Anyway, point being: If I WERE in your lady’s position, I’d brace myself for the likelihood it was going to hurt like Hell, and then if it didn’t, well, that sort of surprise is a good thing.

I have some exotic piercings. I find that the endorphin rush negates most of the pain—at first. Until they heal, they can get sore. Soaking helps and the area is particularly important and difficult to keep clean.

If she does go through with it, choose a professional to do the work. There are too many important nerves responsible for wonderful things in life to chance a bad placement in the area : )

And as others have pointed out, there is hood piercing and then there is actual clitoris piercing and they are two very different things. A quick pinch of the skin can show you how tolerant each one is to pain and pressure.

One Question. WHY? People are outraged to hear about Female genital mutilation being performed in third world countries. Now we resort to doing it to ourselves here in America. This is deplorable!

The big difference is that here it is a choice that is made by the person receiving the piercing and not by cultural mandates/ traditions.

Also where FGM is primarily practiced on young females between the ages of newborn to 15. Where the youngest age that you can get genital piercings in america is 16. (it might also be 18 since piercing laws are state ruled.)

This not a good topic. Why would anyone do anything like that?

Well I am wincing after reading all this stuff. why in the world would anyone want to hurt themselves that way?

To each his/her own! Wow. I didn’t even know they did that at all. Scary stuff!

Suppose its not for everyone however I do know medically it is considered or classified as self harm or self injury, often accompanied with a form of mental illness. Don’t jump all over me. Tattooing is considered the same.

I can’t help but wonder what will be body art in 10 years. There is a fad starting that the cool thing to sport now is a wound from a bullet. Watched an entire program on it. In the shoulder or arm, once shot, medical attention is sought and the desired remaining scar obvious from a bullet remains.

Tex, I’m ready to come through the puter screen and throttle you! Now I can’t get this painful pic out of my mind! As my grandson would say, that would be a major ouchie.

Psychiatrists don’t know their hat from their hind end. People have been performing ritual body modifications for time immemorial.

People aren’t considered mental for nose jobs and face lifts and many cosmetic procedures stem from incredibly negative body issues and true neuroses.

And changes for medical need, such as braces/orthodontia, are thrown in under modification.

I would never go as far as participating in scarification or amputation, filing my teeth or decorative implants, but I understand the reasons behind some of those choices from my own experience.

When we all get to the point where bionic upgrades are an option and surgeries produce better results than natural alignment and structure—as is already being seen in some sports surgeries—maybe the whole outlook will change.

I just looked back at some of the other responses. I have to tell you all, simple piercings are far *far* from the realm of forced cultural genital mutilation and the two shouldn’t be considered related any more than rape is related to consensual sex. They involve the same areas, but have nothing else in common.

Piercings are more than decorative. They enhance sensitivity and stimulation. There are deeper reasons for performing them that I won’t get into on a public forum, but suffice to say, if you’re approaching the subject from a position of fear or ignorance, you’re missing the point.

But they aren’t for everyone, any more than any other life choice is.

One of my close friends said it hurts as bad as gauging her ears, and I personally have mine gauged and don’t think it hurts at all, I have no experience in the area of clitoris piercing however.

I think it really just is about the pain tolerance of the person and what they can handle

What’s a clitoris?

OMG . .now this is special . .I am not the one who is going to tell you .. you know for yerself .. I just got so excited to see your name on the forum page that I ran in here as fast as my .. .

Hello girl. It’s that little thingy dooey down below huh? It’s kinda ticklish isn’t it?

You may bite yer tongue on that one Ralwus

I’d rather chew on a clit thank you.

Well if it isn’t my friend ralwus. *waves legs* How are you?

What’s that in your mouth?

Jello spiderwoman. How ya doin, any thing in your web worth chewin on?

Spider may be waving legs. .
but Im all all girl!

Just so excited that rawl is here tonight!

I’m fine, thanks. You know there’s ALWAYS something worth chewin’ on in THIS web, my dear.

@wavegirl: I know what you mean. It IS good to see ralwus. and no offense taken (I thought that was pretty funny, actually).

glad to hear that Spider. . one never knows when coming in these threads . .and seems we are in complete agreement that

Oh stop it Ailis. xox

My friend has it done and she said, of all her piercings, it hurt the least. Scares me regardless, hehe.

Well I have missed you all sooo much and decided piss on all else I am having some fun with old friends for a bit. xoxoxox

Great this topic made me go blind!

LMFAO. It wasn’t the topic. it’s what you decided to DO about the topic.

Fortunately, there’s a fix for that. I just can’t remember what it is right now.

Alright I’m not blind but, who would do this?Yikes!

Doctor Hokey is ready for surgery>

Come to Doctor Hokey!

Wow. Hokey, wish I’d been around when this thread started!

I just had my hood pierced and on the scale of 1-10, the pain level is ELEVEN!
The words that came out of my mouth in that split second sounds like this «Ho-ly Ma-the-Fa-wk-ing Ga-wd», I was told everyone heard me even behind locked door. It has been 6 hrs since I had it pierced and though I was told to «take it easy», I had random orgasm twice, the split second (literally less than 2 sec) of pain is so worth it.

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OMG! That´s all I can say.

I’ve known several women who have had it done and they seemed to enjoy the results.

I know this post is old, but I just wanted to ask how your wife decided to go? If she did get it done, does she like it?

Nose Piercing

by HWP 9 years ago

So, I am finally going to get my nose pierced after YEARS of saying I want to, and was wondering if anyone has had a piercing done with bioflex jewellery from the start? If so, any preference over «metal» jewellery?Going to quiz the studio to within an inch of it’s life of course, but.

How many piercings do you have?

by Kim Kennedy 7 years ago

How many piercings do you have?I have pierced ears. Guess that’s two peircings. How about you?

by sassychic 10 years ago

hey guys Im trying to decide what to pierce whether the naval or the nose, which one do you guys is the best option for me? hmmm. . . .Im interested to hear what you guys think, especially if you have one or the other!

Piercing. Why?

by qwark 8 years ago

I know, I know, it’s just me!Why do people want to pierce nipples, tongues, penis foreskins, clit hoods, noses, eyebrows, cheeks on and on adfinitum? I know it’s been done for ages. but why?Poke holes in my beautiful healthy skin, anywhere on my body is, to me, idiocy.

Is it normal for a navel piercing to bleed aftrer a month of being pierced?

by stephnkrista420 8 years ago

Is it normal for a navel piercing to bleed aftrer a month of being pierced?my friend got her belly button pierced about a month ago and it looks infected. It started bleeding the other night. Shes been using Triple Antibiotic stuff. The saline solution bull crap didnt work. What should we do?

What do you think about dermal piercings?

by Melissa Noon 5 years ago

What do you think about dermal piercings?I have seen more and more people getting dermal piercings on their lower back. What is your general feelings about it? Do you think this is a fad that will stop or do you think it is here to stay?

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Clitoral hood piercing

A clitoral hood piercing is a female genital piercing through the clitoral hood surrounding the clitoris. There are two main types of hood piercing: the vertical clitoral hood piercing and the horizontal clitoral hood piercing. As the name indicates, the difference is in the direction the piercing is oriented in the skin above the clitoris. Neither of these piercings penetrates the clitoris itself.

Clitoral hood piercing
Location Clitoral hood
Jewelry captive bead ring, Barbell, J-bar

Pain, healing and aftercare

Compared to other piercings, clitoral hood piercings tend to be rather uncomplicated with regard to the piercing process itself as well as the healing, which certainly contributes to the popularity of the piercing. In contrast to common expectations, this piercing is no more painful to perform than other body piercings. Since the piercing passes through a thin layer of tissue, it is quick to pierce and reportedly hurt less than ear piercings. Clitoral hood piercings also have rather short healing times, due to the amount of blood circulation to the area. During the healing period however, the piercing is a wound and can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Vertical Piercings

Which are the Vertical Female Genital Piercings?

There are many vertical piercings you can get at various parts of the body. When it comes to female genital piercings, some of the most popular choices are vertical piercings. The most popular of them all is Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing, which is the most popular female genital piercing in the world. Another popular choice is Fourchette piercing done on the perineum. Some rarer vertical genital piercings include Christina and Nefertiti piercing.

Vertical Piercing Jewelry Styles

There are some common jewelry styles for vertical genital piercings. The most popular choices include straight barbells and curved barbells. However, some women choose to use Captive Bead Rings or other ring styles that can accommodate vertical piercings. Since these are genital jewelry pieces it is important to use only those that are smooth so they don’t harm the sensitive tissue. Safe decorations include smooth gems but it is best to avoid dangles or jewelry with sharp edges.

VCH ( Vertical Clitoral Hood) ( Clit piercing ), what to look for and aftercare instructions

Показать панель управления

  • Опубликовано: 20 июл 2020 veröffentlicht
  • This video will explain how this procedure should be done by a licensed professional as well as the aftercare instructions. IG- @shawn_njspiercer

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Come to the uk and do mine please ��

Where r u located?

Question, how do you keep from falling in love with each and every one of your female clients?

After looking at numerous videos this is the best I’ve seen but I definitely don’t think I am a candidate for this piercing , can you tell me about the microdermal this female in the video has ? Would that be a better option for me ?

Hi .. I want to improve my English language and I want anyone to help me and I want to be a friend for anyone who ‘ll help me

I want this piercing ��! But i believe my hood doesn’t have enough space for the ring. Are there any suggestions??

Go to a piercer and consult with them to see their thoughts

Let’s review! Is your health insurance current? Perhaps, your level of brain damage should be checked with that Qtip instead. Love the level of background noise. Is this done in a garage or the back room of the local bar?

Very good — only complaint is that the bump-in&-out music is way too much louder than the vocals in the bulk of the video.

Hey does it increase the stimulation when having intercourse.

Where is he located cause looking at his video I want them ret na ��

Nj you can dm me at @shawn_njspiercer

Where is he located at

Wow! The fact that she didn’t flinch, or said anything makes me wanna get this sooo bad but then again i need a good piercer like him ����

I’m about to travel to you just to get my piercings

How long after you get it done can you have sex?

okay lady. female to female. drop your shaving tips

that’s what I was thinking!

So if your in a job where you use a lot of toys daily . Would you need to stop working while it healed ? Or could you keep going if your careful

Masturbation hurt up to 4 weeks after I got my pierced. It wasn’t unbearable, but it was uncomfortable. I’d be careful with anything that may carry bacteria too.

I would say just be very careful

I have a question. When I got Mine done, my piercer said to only use saline water and NEVER use soap. But why? Out of all things not soap? And when I got my nipples done before this one. My nipple piercer said don’t use soap or SALINE? Just run it through water. And don’t clean the nipple jewelry, to let it crust? Im confused? What would YOU recommend for a more fast effective healing process for the vch and nipple piercing?

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