Пирсинг Тройной Forward helix


Форвард хеликс

Данный вид пирсинга отличается оригинальностью и красиво смотрится на ухе. Представляет из себя прокол завитка на передней части ушной раковины. Обычно производится специальной иглой, толщиной от 10 до 18 Ga. Заживление раны проходит достаточно долго и болезненно в связи с тем, что в этой части хряща понижено кровоснабжение. При пирсинге в этом месте необходимо обращаться только к проверенному и опытному мастеру, ведь строение каждой ушной раковины индивидуально и имеет свои особенности. Неправильно сделанный прокол доставит не только неприятные ощущения, но и будет заживать в течение длительного времени. Специалист перед проведением процедуры обязательно должен проверить наличие кровеносных сосудов в месте прокола с помощью яркого фонарика.

Для пробития рекомендуется использовать иглу на размер и полтора больше, чем размер штанги или украшения. Такая методика делает установку украшения более безболезненной.

После прокола заживление раны может занимать до полугода. Внимательно выполняйте рекомендации мастера, проводите гигиенические процедуры и обработку раны не реже одного раза в день. Следует тщательно предохранять рану от появления грязи. Соблюдение этих несложных правил, позволит хвастаться изысканным украшением долгое время.

Follow the Update Trend by Making Forward Helix Piercing

Most of the individual likes to change their outer appearance through altering their unique style. The changes were made in various ways, but give the attractive look by getting forward helix piercing. All the piercing type isn’t popular, but the forward helix piercing is more popular in between the trendy people. In the competitive world, the majority of the people change their way of living through change their appearance by forward helix piercing. Most of the females are the main reason for this forward helix piercing popularity. Because, they were putting earring and they update this to forward piercing. When compared to ordinary helix piercing it is also a complicated task to the piercer. The forward helix piercing is a hole made in the outer portion at the top layer of the ear. If the individual made by this forward helix piercing; it also gives unique look and better change in the following trend.

Types of forward helix piercing:-

There are three types of forward helix piercing accessible. They are single forward helix piercing, double forward helix piercing and triple forward helix piercing.

    Single forward helix piercing: It is done by a single perforation achieved in the top layer of the ear. The pain isn’t more in this type and healing is also quick to the pierced indiv >

  • Double forward helix piercing: it is done by a double perforation achieved into the top layer of the ear. The one more jewelry added to that perforation region. When compared to a single forward helix piercing; the pain is slightly high. The healing duration is also increased.
  • Triple forward helix piercing: it is done by a triple perforation achieved into the top layer of the ear. The jewelry has added three in the perforation region. It gives more attractive and unique look. The pain is extreme until the completion of the healing process.

Procedure for forward helix piercing:-

    If you’re the indiv >

  • Then, use the needle to put a perforation on the exact area.
  • In the beginning, the pain likes biting of your tongue.
  • After the perforation process, then the jewelry will be placed in the perforation area.
  • And the jewelry will be screwed through the ball to make sure that doesn’t feel fall down.
  • It is also a complicated task for the piercer to do this forward helix piercing because of this sensitive ear portion.

Pain and infection of this forward helix piercing:-

    After the completion of this forward helix piercing in the beginning that the pierced indiv >

  • And it causes inflammation only in the pierced region.
  • This piercing d >

Aftercare for the forward helix piercing:-

    The first thing that the pierced indiv >

  • Don’t clean with your open hands and it may also cause to infection.
  • Don’t try to change the jewelry during the healing process.
  • Get any professional advice to reduce the pain and faster the healing process.
  • The forward helix piercing takes the healing process around two months up to one year.
  • If you choose any of the desired jewelry, but it doesn’t meet an excess of weight and other uncomfortable design.
  • The jewelry should be less weight and with a plain design to avo >

Medication for a forward helix piercing:-

  • Before, go for the medication you have to get an advice from the personal doctor.
  • The anti-bacterial soap is an initial product to heal the infection quicker.
  • The use of anti-bacterial soap doesn’t grow the infection higher and reduce the healing process faster.
  • And there are several medications accessible in the online, but you have to make sure before purchase.
  • Regular cleaning is necessary through the use of your medication, but you have to use the hand gloves to apply.

Read about Double Cartilage Piercing in our most read post and find beautiful ear rings.

  • If you don’t like any medication you can use the salt water to cure the infection.
  • You have to take fresh water and add salt and boil around three more minutes.
  • Then use the cotton ball or towel to gently clean the infected area slowly and don’t touch the jewelry.
  • Make sure your pierced location carefully and involve your body into the trendy world.

Triple forward helix piercing.

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Forward Helix Piercing and the Important Facts Everyone Should Know

The number of indiv >

Table of Contents


Performing the forward helix piercing procedure will require great expertise and experience, which is why you need to find the very best professional piercer who can do it on you. The moment you arrive at the piercing shop of your chosen piercer, you should be warmly entertained while waiting for the actual procedure. Here is what will happen next:

  • You will be asked to position yourself comfortably. You can simply lie down or sit down. In some cases, the professional piercer will instruct you what position you should do, so that the piercing procedure can be done very easily.
  • The area where the piercing should be done will be sanitized. An antibacterial solution will be used in doing such thing. The purpose of this is to keep you away from any bacterial infection after doing the procedure.
  • The professional piercer will mark the exact location. A surgical marking pen is used in making markings. With this, a more precised perforation on the area is expected.
  • A clamp will be placed right there on your ears. This is to stretch the ears, promoting easier perforation. You don’t have to worry since the clamp will not hurt you, for sure.
  • The piercer will push the piercing needle into the area. The purpose of this is to create a hole where the jewelry will be inserted.
  • The jewelry of your choice will be inserted into the hole made. The jewelry of your choice should be according to the spending budget you have set. Moreover, it must not contain some materials that can be harmful to your skin, causing some allergic reactions.

Pain Factor

Now the big question is, how much pain you can feel from undergoing the procedure involved with the forward helix piercing? This is actually one of those questions that people want to know first when they consider having this piercing. Well, to satisfy yourself regarding this question, having a piercing done on the helix part is actually very painful on your part, specially if you have a lower pain threshold. But if you have higher pain threshold, then it is expected that the amount of pain you can feel is way lesser. The main reason for such pain is the fact that this portion of the ears is packed with a cartilage. Few hours after the procedure, redness and swelling on the pierced area is just normal. The swelling and the redness will just disappear after several days.

The Healing Process

According to experts this kind of piercing takes a healing time of about 2 to 12 months. You have to patiently wait for a certain period of time for the complete recovery of the pierced area. If you are not willing to wait for some time, then having this kind of piercing may not be for you. Do not be deceived by the scenario that the pierced area is no longer giving you some discomfort. There is a big possibility that it is still not healed completely on the ins >

The Aftercares Needed

If you have just undergone the procedure of this kind of gorgeous ear piercing, then it is very important for you to know the aftercares. These are very important since they can make the pace of the healing process faster. Here are the important things you have to do:

  • Don’t forget to clean it regularly. It is very significant to be done once or twice every single day. In doing such, you should have a cotton ball that is dipped into an amount of warm saline water, and use this cotton to gently clean the piercing and the pierced area as well.
  • Don’t change the jewelry inserted on the pierced area. You are just allowed to do it when the wound is completely healed already. Remember that the wound may be strained when you try to change the jewelry, earlier time than the required time for the healing process.
  • Avo >The Possible Infections and the Signs

When undergoing the procedure of this piercing, you must not forget that there might be some infections that will occur, specially if you are not responsible enough in taking good care of the pierced area. Moreover, if you don’t take those aftercares seriously, then it is no longer surprising why you will suffer from horrible infections on the pierced area. A raised bump or the so-called hypertrophic scar is amongst those most common infections that you might don’t like to have. This will form right there around the hole made for the forward helix. The moment you have this infection, you should immediately try to treat it with some effective home remedies. But in case you don’t know how to do it, then consulting a medical professional to handle the treatment is the best thing to do. There are various signs that the pierced area is already infected, and these are the following:

  • Yellow or a dark brown puss
  • Immense swelling
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever

The Cost

For sure, you are wondering how much it will cost you to have a gorgeous forward helix piercing. The cost will actually depend on several significant factors such as the jewelry being chosen and the piercer himself or herself. But in most cases, having this piercing will cost you around $20 or higher than that.

Jewelry Options

The ideal jewelry to be used is a 1.2mm labret stud or a curved barbell.

Different Variations

  • Single forward helix – Single perforation done at the top of the ear, in the front portion.
  • Double forward helix – This involves two perforations being done in the frontal helix region.
  • Triple forward helix – Here three piercings are done one after the other in the forward helix region

Forward helix piercing should be your choice if you want a very unique but appealing piercing on ears. However, this beautiful piercing may not be for you, so you must try to research a lot of important information about it first before giving it a shot. Also check our articles on popular ear piercings types Helix Piercing, Industrial Piercing, Rook piercing, Snug piercing.

Helix Piercing 101: Types, Healing Time, Pain & Things To Know (with Images)

With the types of piercings currently in existence, it is easy for anyone to get confused when making their choice. Of course, the first thing anyone planning to have body modification would do will be to choose the kind of piercing that will be fitting. That is where knowing the different piercings available is vital. The helix piercing is a popular body modification you will find on some individuals.

Meaning of helix piercing

Helix piercings are very popular as early pointed out. It is also a piercing that most people like to have because of the position it is placed on the ear. The helix piercings are made on the ear’s upper cartilage but have in mind that different style of these piercing exists.

The standard helix piercing is one of them and done mostly on the outer upper cartilage. But there is a difference between it and the double helix piercing. If there are two piercings on one spot, that is the double helix. But if the piercings are up to three, then it is called the triple helix piercing. But there are other types you need to know.

Meaning of the Forward Helix Piercing

This piercing is complicated as many piercers or technicians would say. It is also popular and not like the ordinary helix kind of piercings. In these forward helix piercings, a hole is made at the ear’s upper layer. If the styling with the right jewelry is done well, the individual’s look will change for good.

Now the best way to understand the area to have this piercing is this; follow your ear cartilage curve until you get to the side of this face. There are also different kinds of forwarding helix piercings one can get.

The Different Kinds of the Forward Helix Piercings

Knowing the different style of the helix piercings available will save you from changing styles on a regular basis. You will be able to tell which of them will suit you better. That said the different types are single, double or triple forward helix piercing.

The single forward helix piercing:

In this kind, the piercing is on the upper layer of one’s ear. But the good thing is that it doesn’t hurt much when you create a hole on this part of the ear. And the healing time is also faster.

Double forward helix piercings:

This kind of piercing might look a bit extreme, but it is the same process as the single type. Double or two perforations are mostly on the upper layer of the ear with a single or double jewelry added to the spot. But the only thing is the pain of this double piercing is a bit higher than the single type. Also, the healing time is a bit longer.

Triple forward helix piercing:

In this case, you will find triple piercings in the upper layer of the ear. And after the piercings, three pieces of jewelry are put on that hole. It is best to choose right quality jewelry for any piercing whether single, double or triple. It does matter concerning your health. However, the triple forward piercing is said to be more attractive because of the number of jewelry that enters the hole and sticks near each other. But know that pain can be more extreme, and the healing process can take a bit longer.

Forward helix piercing pain: Is it that painful?

When people think of getting any of these body modifications, the first thing that comes to mind is wouldn’t it be painful? Can I survive this pain? Of course, you can. But as earlier stated, the piercing you have will determine the level of pain you are going to experience.

The forward piercing is one of the most painful, but not the same pain as a bullet wound. In most cases, the pain is a bit higher when you make use of a thicker bar, say 1.6mm. This kind of bar thickness will be more painful when made to pass through your cartilage during perforation. If given a chance to rate this forward piercing pain level, you can say a ratio 6/10.

The Simple Forward Helix Piercing Procedure

It is best to familiarize with the procedure of these piercings to know if it is something you would like to have. Most people who don’t might regret after having it, although it is sporadic. Below are the simple procedures of these perforations. But remember it should be handled by a real professional.


  • The first thing is to contact the professional piercer to book an appointment. But make sure you have read and understood a little bit about having your cartilage perforated.
  • Remember to use a professional who can handle it well and select the right jewelry when going for this procedure. You can ask the professional piercer for jewelry suggestions too. The right jewelry will not cause you to have bumps in the site of the piercing or increase your pain.
  • The needle is well-sterilized before use. And this is very important to ensure you don’t contract an infection that will lead to something else. Infections can cause bumps which are unsightly.
  • Before starting this procedure, the piercer has to leave a mark on the specified area agreed upon, which is the upper layer of your ear.
  • The needle is then used to perforate the ear to leave a hole on the marked spot. At this point, you will feel a sharp pain like insect bite which also varies depending on the type of piercings you are getting.
  • Once the piercing is complete, the jewelry is then placed in the hole created. The jewelry should be properly placed and screwed to avoid falling. The forward helix piercing is a bit challenging for piercers because of the sensitive nature of the area. That is why it is best to seek the service of a well-trained professional to ensure the process is done accurately.

Facts about Infection and Pain after Forward Helix Piercing

Before or after the piercing, you need to acquaint yourself with what could happen when you get the forward helix piercing or any other body modifications. Knowing what can keep you alert and help you curb any adverse reaction that may occur.

  • After you might have had the forward helix piercing, you may experience redness, swelling, and a little bit of pain in the spot at the beginning. The pain is healthy, and there is no cause for alarm. But know that you can hasten up the healing process through proper care. And ensure that the needle used by the professional is sterilized adequately before allowing it to go through your skin.
  • Your sleeping has to change a bit during the healing time. If you have already gotten used to sleeping s >Must-know facts about the Forward Helix Piercing Aftercare

    After having your ears pierced, there are things you need to do to the perforated spot does not get contaminated. These are the aftercare procedures to follow after getting your ears pierced.

    • The first thing to do is to make sure you don’t use your bare hands to touch the jewelry or perforated spot unless it has been properly washed and dried. Doing this will prevent you from contamination. Another thing is to ensure you clean the pierced region often. Use warm but salty water and a cotton ball. Use the new cotton ball and clean warm water as well. Try to avoid dirt from coming in contact with the spot. Your hand, material, and water should be clean. You can also use anti-bacterial soap when cleaning the pierced area. Washing should be twice daily and wipe with a clean towel.
    • You should also prevent cream or lotion from coming in contact with this area. And don’t attempt to change the jewelry when the hole is yet to heal completely. Also, if the pain won’t go away or the healing is slow, seek professional advice on what to do. But know that your healing can take more than two months, and it varies from person to person.
    • Choose your jewelry wisely. If your forward helix piercing is still in the healing process, you don’t need jewelry that is too heavy or uncomfortable. The excess weight might delay the healing time. Jewelry shouldn’t also be elaborate to avoid any mishap that might occur or a situation where it gets stuck on your hair. You can choose a labret stud or curved barbell of at least 1.2 mm.

    How long will helix piercing healing last?

    There are many conflicting views regarding how long it takes for these types of piercings to heal. And according to most piercers, it takes 12 weeks. Others believe it can take longer time. The bottom line is helix piercing takes longer than 12 weeks or less. The healing time depends on the individual and differs from person to person.

    When is the appropriate time to change helix piercing jewelry?

    It is not proper to change jewelry when the perforated spot is still in the healing process. You have to wait for it to heal wholly before you can do that. Changing the jewelry when the pierced spot hasn’t yet recovered can cause more injury. The right time to put another is when you don’t feel pain or sore any longer in that spot.

    The Kind of Jewelry Your Piercer Might Use

    If what you had is a standard piercing, the stud is what the piercer might end up using. Stud is closer a bit to titanium and tagged the least reactive metal as the case may be. This type of jewelry usually has a tight back which prevents it from falling off from the pierced spot. The forward helix piercing has a special bar used for piercing which is called the eyebrow bar or curved barbell. The bar is usually 1.2mm in thickness.

    Things to consider when seeking a good quality piercer

    There are many things to consider when looking for the right place. One of them is someone who is highly confident of what he is doing and can answer any of your questions with competence. It shows that the individual in question is well grounded in the piercing business. Such persons will most definitely do the right thing and not put your health in jeopardy.

    Also, you need to find out how jewelry sterilization is done, and the number of gloves that are likely to be worn throughout the procedure. You might also request to have a look at the autoclaves to see for yourself and check to make sure the studio is tidy and neat. However, most people rely on rating sites like Yelp to know the finest piercers to use. You can do the same thing or ask people who have had such body modifications in the past.

    However, the quality of materials and jewelry are also important factors to consider. If the studio you are going to have your piercing does not invest in quality equipment and jewelry, you had better visit another piercer.


    The beauty of any helix piercing lies on the jewelry and neatness of the perforated area. If there are bumps, the spot will look unsightly. The primary thing to focus on after getting this modification is care. You have to take the right measures early to ensure your piercing does not contract an infection. Another thing is to select the right jewelry for your piercing and know the right thing to change or how to handle the jewelry.


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    Что такое пирсинг трагуса и хеликса?

    Трагус и хеликс – это виды пирсинга ушей, когда делается всего один прокол в определенном месте, после чего в него вставляется украшение. При пирсинге хеликс прокол делают в самом верху ушной раковины. Это может быть как единичный элемент, так и полноценное кольцо. Другой не менее популярный вариант – прокол трагус. Украшение вставляется в «козелок» (часть наружного уха, которая расположена прямо напротив ушной раковины). Сначала можно использовать лишь элементы прямой формы, а как только отверстие заживет, то и кольца.

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    Всё о пирсинге уха: разновидности, рекомендации по уходу и противопоказания

    Пирсинг уха всегда пользовался популярностью как у мужчин, так и у женщин. Об этом свидетельствуют многочисленные археологические находки в разных частях света. В нашем обзоре мы детально обсудим тему ушных проколов, разновидностей и правильного ухода за ними.

    Стильный пирсинг уха: виды и сложность проколов

    Проколы уха в мире пирсинга считаются наиболее популярными и частыми. Все это благодаря большому выбору зоны прокола и наличия большого пространства для вставки сразу нескольких украшений. Предлагаем познакомится с каждым видом пирсинга уха подробнее.

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    Пирсинг уха Тоннель

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    Пирсинг уха Хеликс

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    Пирсинг уха Индастриал

    Пирсинг Индастриал представляет собой прокол верхнего хряща уха, в котором дырки соединяются штангой. В классическом представлении Индастриал представляет собой дырку на передней части ушной раковины и на противоположной стороне. Индастриал прекрасно смотрится как на мужчинах, так и на девушках.

    Прокол сразу двух хрящей заживает гораздо дольше, чем один. В первые дни после процедуры не рекомендуется даже прикасаться к пирсингу, чтобы не травмировать ухо. Носить головные уборы и наушники также запрещено.

    Опытные специалисты рекомендуют в первые месяцы после прокола носить украшение из биопласта. После того, как дырки окончательно заживут можно сменить его на другой материал: медицинскую сталь, титан или золото.

    Пирсинг уха Трагуса

    Прокол Трагуса или козелка представляет собой женственный тип пирсинга на передней части ушной раковины. Козелок – это хрящевая ткань, поэтому заживление и болезненные ощущения будут равноценны пирсингу Хеликса.

    Спать на ухе с пирсингом Трагуса нельзя несколько месяцев, также как и носить наушники и тесные головные уборы. В качестве украшений для пирсинга Трагуса используются обычные кольца, гвоздики с камнями.

    Пирсинг уха: противопоказания к процедуре

    Для начала запомните, что делать пирсинг уха и других частей тела необходимо только в медицинском учреждении, имеющем лицензию. Найдите опытного специалиста, стерильность инструментов которого не вызывает сомнения. Профессиональный мастер откажет вам в проколе, если:

    • вы страдаете заболеваниями крови
    • у вас были черепно-мозговые травмы
    • страдаете сахарным диабетом
    • на момент проведения процедуры больны ОРВИ
    • вы несовершеннолетний
    • вы беременны
    • имеются аллергические реакции на медицинские препараты

    Последовательность процедуры прокола уха

    Каждый профессиональный мастер должен придерживаться стандартного протокола при проведении процедуры пирсинга. Он включает:

    • выбор подходящего украшения, оценку его веса и диаметра
    • обработку будущего места прокола антисептиком или другим дезинфицирующим раствором
    • с помощью стерильных инструментов, которые достаются из специального стерилизатора, мастер делает прокол с помощью иглы в заранее размеченном месте
    • сразу после прокола в дырку вставляется серьга или расширитель
    • в случае возникновения кровотечения мастер должен принять все меры по его остановке и удалению остатков крови. Для этого прокол повторно обрабатывается антисептиком и при необходимости фиксируется пластырем.

    Как ухаживать за пирсингом уха

    В первые дни после прокола пирсинг представляет собой самую обыкновенную рану на теле, которую организм всеми способами пытается залечить. Чтобы пирсинг благополучно зажил и вы смогли наслаждаться привлекательным видом украшения в своем ухе, нужно придерживаться важных правил:

    • в период заживления прокола прикасайтесь к пирсингу только тщательно вымытыми руками
    • старайтесь вообще не прикасаться к украшению, особенно двигать его. Это может повредить рану и заживление продлится гораздо дольше.
    • не рекомендуется посещать баню и сауну, поскольку влажная среда способствует размножению бактерий
    • старайтесь собирать волосы в хвост либо фиксировать их заколками. Случайное попадание волоса на украшение может привести к травме и кровотечению.
    • при воспалительном процессе в ранке ежедневно обрабатывайте ее антисептиком, регенерирующим кремом. В случае если нагноение не проходит несколько дней, рекомендуется обратиться к врачу.

    Пирсинг уха – наиболее популярная разновидность украшения собственного тела, которая сохраняется достаточно продолжительное время и при полном заживлении не доставляет особых проблем своему обладателю. Если вы решились на пирсинг уха, то обязательно проконсультируйтесь с врачом и выберите проверенного мастера.

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