Пирсинг Left side Navel


Today, almost every person has piercing, not including classic ear piercing, which most women have. Many wear piercing just for themselves; others strive to attract the attention of people around. In all cities, many studios offer piercing services, but quality and safety are not always 100% guaranteed. If you would like to get a piercing, welcome to the tattoo studio “VeAn” in Kiev. Our masters are qualified specialists with vast experience. We use exclusively quality materials and equipment, and strictly observe all sanitary rules.

In our studio, all types of piercing are available:

  • ear piercing;
  • lip and mouth piercing;
  • nose piercing;
  • eyebrow piercing;
  • intimate piercing;
  • piercing of any other parts of the body.

1. Ear piercing includes: classic lobe piercing; helix piercing; industrial piercing — two perforations made on the upper cartilage; tragus piercing — on the outer portion of the ear near the face. If the procedure has been carried out correctly and in accordance with sanitary norms, ear piercing is harmless only if the upper part of the ear is not overloaded with heavy earrings. Otherwise, this can lead to loss of the upper part of the ear.

2. There are several types of oral piercing: Monroe piercing — on the left-hand side on top of the upper lip ; Madonna — in the upper lip, off-center on the right; Snake bite — two piercings evenly separated on the lower lips; Medusa — on the philtrum below the nose; Smile — an earring is visible only when smiling; tongue piercing; cheek piercing.

3. Nose piercing types: nostril piercing; septum piercing — a puncture of internasal septum; bridge piercing; Nasallang — a horizontal puncture of the tip of the nose.

4. Eyebrow piercing: perforation of left or right eyebrow, mainly vertical puncture;

5. Intimate piercing: nipple piercing (popular among women and men, rather original type of piercing); genital piercing (as a rule, people prefer this type of piercing to diversify or improve sexual life).

6. Piercing of other body parts: Play piercing — in the form of a corset; tunnels (on lips, cheeks, ears).


Piercing is a very popular service in Kiev. When choosing a tattoo studio for visiting, it is important to pay attention to sanitary conditions. Our tattoo studio takes care of customers and strictly complies with all sanitary standards, hygiene norms and disinfection rules.

All procedure rooms are cleaned and disinfected on a scheduled basis. All the equipment and re-usable tools are regularly sterilized and disinfected. Our specialists work in disposable gloves, in compliance with hygiene rules. All working tools, as well as needles and earrings are thoroughly disinfected at the presence of the client. At the end of the procedure, the master will give recommendations for the care of the pierced area.

Depending on the type of piercing, a piercing process may be accompanied by painful sensations. In order to make the procedure more comfortable, our specialists can apply special anesthetics.

Does a navel piercing hurt?

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Okay, so everything I have read both before and after my piercing has claimed that it does not hurt and that on a scale of the most painful piercings compared to the least, it’s actually second after the standard ears.

However, mine was possibly the most painful thing I have ever experienced.

Most belly buttons have skin that overhangs the dip a little. It’s just a little extra skin where the stomach has grown and morphed during growth. If you have this extra skin, GREAT that is where the piercing will be and it shouldn’t hurt anymore then an ear piercing. I, however, do not have such skin.

Пирсинг Left side Navel

By Anonymous · Sept. 01, 2008

Since the craze of navel piercing began, I wanted to pierce mine. BAD!! There was one slight problem. I have an outie. Now, one could get into specifics and say it is a middle-ie, but then that could begin a long debate about whether or not there is such a thing. The point is, there were stories circulating that said those with outies cannot get a piercing. I think it was the risk of a liver infection or serious rejection and scarring. Maybe that was true, or maybe the risks are an urban legend. Regardless, I was determined to get my navel pierced.

Just to place a picture in your heads, my navel looks like that of a Cabbage Patch Kid (the doll). However it does not stick out like that of the doll or a pregnant woman. If one looked at my stomach from the side, he/she might think I have an innie. If one faced my stomach, he/she would think I have an outie. If you are still confused, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Next draw an «X» in the center of the circle. Basically, that is what my navel looks like. It is a circle with an «X» in the middle of it. Innie, Outie, it’s all semantics. I have a belly button.

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After much research and mulling over the pros and cons, I decided to just do the piercing. I didn’t go to a professional because I didn’t want to be turned away, or become some piercer’s project because he/she rarely pierce outies. I wanted to be in control of the piercing experience.

I went to the drug store to buy rubbing alcohol, sewing needles, and a tool kit. The rubbing alcohol was to disinfect. The sewing needles were to pierce. I used a clamp from within the tool kit to assist with the piercing.

When I got home I quickly ran to the bathroom. I rolled my shirt up and stoked my navel with my index finger. Maybe I was saying goodbye to it’s pure and untouched form. I dipped a Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol, and disinfected my navel. I took the clamp and used it to grip a needle. I placed the needle on the top ridge of my navel (recall the circle and «X» diagram), with the expectation that it would exit through the center of my navel (the intersection of the «X»). With latex gloves on, the procedure began. I pulled my navel out and tied it with a rubber band so that it would not retreat to its natural state. At this point, it looks like a real outie. I gripped my now protruding navel with my left thumb and index finger. Using the clamp, I clamped down on one of the several sewing needles. I took the clamped needle to the top ridge of my navel and pushed down on an angle.

Initially there was pain, but I also saw and felt the needle going through the navel.I pushed the needle through the navel successfully, and the pain was minimal. I took an small gold hoop earring from my jewelry box and placed it in the pierced spot. My navel was pierced.

I untied my navel and watched it slowly retreat to its normal state, with a piece of metal going through it. I took another Q-tip and swabbed my navel once more. It looked totally hawt!!

The next day I decided to show off my new piercing in the gym. I wore a shirt that was tied to show just enough of my abs, but not all. At the very bottom, where the shirt and skin met, one saw a gold glimmer. I ran, then did some weights. I gym regular stops me to say hi. I’m chatting with him, and, of course I want to say «look at what I have!!» Instead, I arch my back slighly so that the gold hoop is totally exposed. I also rested my hands on my hips with my fingers near my navel. As we were talking I noticed that his eyes would occassionally look down to my stomach. Finally, he breaks our conversation by saying, I’m sorry, but I have been staring at your abs. You should show off your abs more often! Now that could have either meant I have nice abs, or that my piercing is cool.

I never really got blatant compliments about my piercing. I suppose it is silly to think that on would run up to you and say, «nice piercing». That only with the guys I was dating.

A year later, the piercing is still in place. I pierced my true navel. Plus there are several others with their outies pierced, therefore I don’t hide mine as often. That is my True Navel Piercing story!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

A navel piercing (also referred to as a belly button piercing) is a type of body piercing located in the navel. It may heal very quickly and with no problems, like an ear piercing, or may heal more like a surface piercing with the associated extended healing time. Healing usually takes less than six months, and as long as it is cleaned, it will heal nicely. Although, if it becomes infected, serious complications may result, including permanent scarring or even death. [1] [2] Unlike most body piercings, this is one of the few that do not normally reject, although the rejection rate is higher than non-surface piercings, such as ear piercings.

The actual navel is not pierced when a navel piercing is performed. The most common form of navel piercing is through the upper rim of the navel. A true navel piercing requires the person being pierced to have an «outie» navel to some degree, and is getting more popular these days. This kind of piercing is popular with, but not exclusive to females.

History and culture

A screenshot of Alicia Silverstone’s character getting a navel piercing in the music video for «Cryin'».

This is one of the most common and popular body piercings today. Popular culture has played a large role in the promotion of this piercing. The navel piercing first hit the mainstream when model Christy Turlington showed her navel piercing at a fashion show in London in 1993.» The popularization of the piercing, however, is accredited to the 1993 Aerosmith music video for their song «Cryin’,» wherein actress Alicia Silverstone has her navel pierced by body piercer Paul King — This piercing actually took place live on set during the filming of the video. The easy concealment of a navel piercing with clothing, even during the healing process, has contributed to the widespread adoption of this piercing. These days belly button rings are becoming really popular with the 12-15 age group, but some get it as young as 9.


A simple barbell

Most kinds of ring or bar jewelry can be worn in a navel piercing. Navels are most often pierced with a curved barbell, which is recommended to be worn until the piercing has fully healed. A wide variety of decorative jewelry is available for navels — simple curved barbells, barbells with dangling pendants, and captive bead rings are common examples.

There has been a special standard established for navel barbells (also called «bananabells» or «bananabars», reference to their curved shape). The standard bananabell is 1.6 mm (1/16″) thick and 9.5 mm (3/8″) or 11.1 mm (7/16″) long and is most commonly referred to as a 14-gauge post. The silver caps on either side of the simple barbell post usually measure 5mm in diameter for the upper and 8mm in diameter for the lower.

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Although navel bananabells are different from full rings — like captive bead rings (or CBR), which can also be worn in navel piercings — internet body jewelry retailers and wholesalers tend to refer to these barbells as belly button «rings». [3]

A new version of navel jewelry is on the market for those without pierced navels, which is based on the >[4]


Although navel piercings are symbols fashion and may be seen to make the navel and midriff look attractive,there are some risks involved such as:

  • Infection if brand new it may take up to 6-9 months before you may take it out due to healing process , sweat and bacteria may cause infection. Bacterial infections can result in cysts.
  • They present a risk of scarring.Skin tissue rarely heals to match the surrounding tissue. It heals in varying thickness, in different ways for different types of people, and forms different types of scarring for different kinds of ‘damage’. It is likely that any piercing worn for a significant time (months to years) will leave a scar if removed. [5]

The above are just a few.There are many other such risks in body piercing. Sometimes these piercings could result in serious injuries during certain acc >[6]

The act of navel piercing has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, and a number of celebrities have had their navel pierced especially for a specific movie or TV role.

  • In addition to a number of other piercings, model Claudia Schiffer had her navel temporarily pierced especially for her role in the 1999 movie Desperate But Not Serious.
  • For her part in the 2001 movie My First Mister, actress Leelee Sobieski had a number of temporary body piercings done, including her navel.
  • In 2002, a 16-year-old Mischa Barton had her navel pierced especially for her role as Natasha ‘Nat’ Wilson in the movie Octane, but then let the piercing heal up again once filming was completed.
  • The 2003 movie Thirteen includes a scene in which the character of Tracy, played by Evan Rachel Wood has her tongue and navel pierced. Although Wood wore a fake tongue stud and the piercing was simulated, the shot in which she has her navel pierced had to be captured in a single take as she had agreed to actually have her navel pierced for the role.

Things You Need To Know About Navel Piercing!

Navel piercing isn’t for the faint-hearted. You might also have been tempted by looking at the stunningly pierced navel of your favourite celebrity. But I promise you, it isn’t as simple as it looks.

Navel piercing, no doubt, is quite sensuous to look at, but there are a lot of things to be considered before getting the navel pierced. It is a huge commitment that requires a lot of patience. Needless to say, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Navel piercing has a long healing time that depends on various factors including your body type. You also need to make changes in your usual lifestyle after you get the piercing done.

If you feel intimidated by all these things, just hold on. Here is a list of things to you need to know and consider for navel piercing. Read on and decide for yourself whether this is something that is meant for you or not.

1. Decide If You Really Want It

Your decision to get your belly button pierced may very well be a heat of the moment thing. But it is something that is going to last long and won’t be a very pretty experience in the beginning. Are you doing it just because you think it’s the new fashion statement or do you really want to do it? Ask yourself these questions. Give it a good thought and then decide whether you really want to go for it.

2. Do Your Research

After you’ve made your decision, do your research. Research about the authorised centres that you need to go to get the piercing done. This is to make sure that you go to someone that has prior experience in doing the piercing and they know the technique and the risks associated with it. Find a place that follows the proper guidelines.

3. Clean The Navel Area

Before you go and get your navel pierced, make sure that you have cleaned it properly. The navel tends to accumulate dirt and moisture and create an environment that is ideal for bacterial growth. So it becomes very important for you to clean it. Make sure to clean the navel gently and not to put much pressure on it.

4. Buy Some Loose Clothes

The next thing you need to do before getting your navel pierced is to buy some loose clothes. If you wear tight-fitting clothes, they will constantly rub against your piercing. This can cause you a lot of pain and irritation. And it will just make the healing process even more difficult. So go and buy some loose and comfortable clothes to complement your piercing.

5. Opt For Branded Jewellery

You obviously need some jewellery to get the piercing done. Go to a branded jewellery shop to buy your jewellery. Remember, howsoever good may the jewellery off the streets and the local shops look, they can turn out to be a disaster for you. So buy jewellery from a good and reputed store that will minimise the risk of any infection. Also, pay attention to the material you are going to get. Refrain from taking any metal you’re allergic to.

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6. Decide What Will Be Better For Your Body Type

Know your body type and what will complement it. There are various types of piercings available. If you have a flat and toned stomach, a stud will be a good choice. And if you have a round stomach, you should go for the ring. The size of the piercing will also depend upon the shape of your belly. So take your time and choose these things wisely.

6. Ensure Sterility

Now that you have taken all the precautions before getting the piercing done, it is also important to be cautious while getting the piercing done. Inspect whether they are using fresh and sterile pieces of equipment or not. A sterile needle will not only prevent any infection, but also ensures that there is no threat of any disease from spreading.

7. Expect Pain

The navel is a very delicate part of our body, so there will be a certain level of pain while getting it pierced. Be prepared for the pain and don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise. More importantly, prepare yourself for the pain so that you don’t get shocked and jerk or move around while getting the piercing done. This will only lead to an inconvenient situation.

8. Be Prepared For A Long Healing Time

Navel piercing isn’t something that will get healed up in a day or two or in fact a week for that matter. It usually takes 3-4 months to heal, sometimes longer. It may also take 9-12 months to heal. This is a long healing time and you need to be prepared for that. The healing period will depend on how you take care of your piercing while it’s healing. If you are someone who can’t imagine being in pain or discomfort for that long, you might want to think over your decision.

9. Do Not Meddle With The Piercing

No matter how tempting it seems, do not move around or touch your piercing a lot. This can infect the area and cause you a lot of discomfort. So be very careful with the piercing and not fool around with it much. You might be hampering with the healing process. It is also necessary to keep the piercing clean. So don’t touch the piercing much other than to clean it. Remember to always wash your hands before you touch the piercing. Dirty hands can lead to infection in the piercing.

10. Your Sleeping Posture

After the piercing, you will have to carefully watch your sleeping posture, especially during the healing process. A wrong sleeping posture can cause you discomfort and pain. If you sleep on your stomach, you have to restrain from doing so. This will put pressure on the piercing and move it around a lot. Which in turn might lead to infection, pain and cuts.

11. Don’t Frequently Change the Piercing

A navel piercing shouldn’t be changed too often. No matter how much you want to try the different kinds of piercings available, hold your horses and let it heal properly. Like we told you before, navel piercing entails a long healing process and you need to be patient. Be patient and don’t try to show off or try various things. Let it heal completely before you try or change anything.

Daith-пирсинг — новый тренд для самых смелых

Daith-пирсинг — это прокол, который располагается внутри ушной раковины и проходит через ножку завитка. Он был придуман в 1992 году мастером Эриком Дакотой и его клиенткой. Изначально этот вид пирсинга назывался «Даат», что означает «знание». По легенде более 3000 лет назад в Индии существовало учение, согласно которому кольца вставляются в отверстия в теле в качестве «стража ворот». Серьга в ухе, например, способна была защищать человека от глупостей и негативной информации, которые говорит собеседник.

Мастера предупреждают, что процесс заживления может быть немногим дольше и тяжелее, чем при других видах пирсинга. При этом очень важно постоянно ухаживать за проколом и стараться не пользоваться лаком для волос или парфюмом. В качестве украшений для Daith пирсинга используют все, что угодно: от штанг до колец.

красиво)) но это не новинка. несколько лет этот пирсинг делают

смотрится интересно, но как то страшно такое делать. не пользоваться лаком для волос или парфюмом. ну уж нет!!

смотрится интересно, но как то страшно такое делать. не пользоваться лаком для волос или парфюмом. ну уж нет!!

У меня проколоты соски и интим, и по стандартной сережке в ушах, теперь кто-то говорит что самые смелы прокалывают уши?)

Пирсинг для UNP — CBBE / Piercings

Данный мод добавляет большую коллекцию пирсинга на интимные места девушек с телами UNP и CBBE. Все украшения применяются на сосках,пупке,половых органах,на шее и на голове

— Добавлен вариант интим-пирсинга для тел CBBEv3.2 (по отдельной ссылке)
— Исправлены проблемы с кольцами
— Удалены фиктивные узлы для улучшения производительности

Журнал изменений:
— Добавлены пирсинг половых губ,пупка и сосков — чёрные и белые шипы
— Добавлены шейные украшения с камнями
— Добавлены украшения в виде цепочек на пояс и гениталии
— Добавлены украшения в виде цепочек крепящихся к соскам и к ожерелью
— Всего 52 наименования пирсинга (включая цвета),8 ожерелий и 4 пояса-цепочки
— Добавлен пирсинг в виде сердца на соски,пупок,половые губы (красное,синие,чёрное)
— Добавлен пирсинг «Крылья» и «Сердечки»
— Добавлены ожерелья на шею и обручи на голову

Пирсинг применяется на пупок,соски,половые губы,ожерелья на шею и обручи на голову
— Все украшения сделаны в нескольких цветовых вариантах
— Украшения создаются в кузнице в разделе «Ювелирные украшения»
— Для украшений идёт поддержка слайдера веса для ГГ

Тело UNP

Поместить папку data в корень игры и активировать 2 esp. в лаунчере

Скриншоты смотрите здесь (На сайте Nexus)

По осн.ссылке «Пирсинг для UNP тел» v1.42
По доп.ссылке «Пирсинг для CBBE тел» v1.42

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