Пирсинг Horizontal Eyebrow


87 of the Most Amazing Eyebrow Piercing Designs You Will Ever Find

Facial piercings are big business right now. And while a lot of people are getting piercings around their mouth, much of the time the eyebrow is going unnoticed – but for why? Eyebrow piercings are an awesome embellishment for those with great eyebrows. They draw attention to the eye and to your facial expressions.

So, you’re looking to get your eyebrow pierced and not sure which type of piercing to get. Understandable, since there are actually more ways to get your eyebrow pierced than many people think is possible. Aside from the various types of eyebrow piercing jewelry that are available on the market that can easily change the look of your piercing completely – there are also a variety of different ways that the actual piercing can be done as well. While this type of body piercing is pretty unisex in appeal, the type of body jewelry also does no change between the genders. You will often see both men and women sport the same types of piercings such as barbells, spikes and metal bead studs. However, you may see a bit more colorful jewelry on women more than you would on men.

Getting a piercing on your face is all the rage these days, it’s just growing in popularity. A lot of people are getting their belly buttons and their lips pierced. But getting your eyebrow pierced has been around for a very long time and has not lost its lustre. Getting a piercing on your eyebrow is a great way to show them off and add a little style to your overall look. They can enhance your expressions and give it all a little pop.

Now that you have decided to get your eyebrow pierced you just need to decide what kind of design you are looking for. Believe it or not there are more ways to get your eyebrow pierced then you may think. There are many pieces of jewelry on the market that will be very appealing. Jewelry can change your look but there are ways in which you could get pierced differently that will change your look as well.

When it comes to eyebrow piercing, the most common form is a stud or barbell sitting in a vertical position on the eyebrow. You can get piercings in various positons on the eyebrow.

If you want a unique look, something a little different then the average piercing than consider something that’s horizontal. Some people have even had both which really can be eye-catching. If you have both types of piercing sit’s considered a Cross T or a T-Bone. I order to make the T you place a horizontal piercing above a vertical eyebrow piercing. The four studs together will form the T. It’s only two piercings really but it looks like there are four.

There are many ways in which you can get piercings on your eyebrow to remain unique. Being an individual is what piercing is all about. There are so many different versions of jewelry that can complement your own personal style. They come in so many styles, colors and some even have charms attached to them. The world is your oyster when it comes to the designs offered for your own personal style.

When it comes to choosing body jewelry make sure you choose something that complements your face shape. That’s why you will see people with larger barbells while other choose smaller ones. It all depends on the shape of your face. A large barbell may be too much on a smaller face. A lot of people also choose multiple piercings and it can complement certain shapes better than others.

What is the Best Way to Choose Eyebrow Piercing?

That answer is pretty simple. It’s completely up to you. The best part about an eyebrow piercing is that your eyebrow will cover the piercing whole if you ever decide you no longer want the piercing. You won’t have that advantage with a lip or a belly button piercing. With the right care you will only have the incision point left behind and that will eventually fade. Use a little shadow and it will all be forgotten.

These days the eyebrow piercing has only grown in popularity. It’s the way people choose to express themselves/ it’s even been accepted in most workplaces. Even though it is more accepted it’s always best to consider your career when it comes to your choice in jewelry. You can always switch it up when you go out but it’s best to always remain sophisticated and classy when it comes to your career. Some employers don’t care about how you express yourself but the customers you deal with daily may feel differently. It’s just a little food for thought.

Below are 57 of the most amazing eyebrow piercing designs you will ever find. These will showcase your own personal style and accentuate your face shape.

This is a standard look when it comes to eyebrow piercing. A ring instead of a barbell is usually what most people will start off with when it comes to their first piercing.

2. Side Stud

This look is very complementary to her face. it’s simple and yet sophisticated, the kind of jewelry that you could wear to work without issue. The fact that it’s a gem stud makes all the difference in the world when it comes to her look.

3. Men Love Rings Too

An attractive eyebrow piercing that definitely complements this man’s look. He has a rugged appearance overall, and the piercing doesn’t take away from that at all.

4. Eyebrow Stud

These studs runs parallel to the eye giving a evened out look that is very appealing. This style does not take away from her overall look, it adds to it. It’s one barbell that brings a new look to those big eyes.

5. A Vertical Barbell

A dark vertical barbell is a great look for someone who doesn’t want an overdone style. It’s simple and practical especially if you want jewelry that you can wear to work as well.

6. Corkscrew Barbell

This is an unusual looking barbell but highly appealing, especially for a man. It corkscrews in horizontally across the eyebrow and despite it’s larger size it fits well with his face.

7. Horizontal Barbell

This horizontal barbell fits perfectly with this man’s face and although he does have rather large eyebrows the barbell does not get lost. I would probably have recommended a larger barbell to him, but the look still fits.

8. Upper Nose

Not really an eyebrow piercing but close enough. It’s a symmetrical look that you are sure to love. There are a lot of different piercing ides here if you want to do more than your eyebrows.

9. Piercings Galore

Another example of mulitple piercings if you are looking to get more than one completed. There are lip rings and studs as well as a barbell in the upper nose.

10. More Side Studs

This is another example of a side stud that is very appealing on her face. She choose a gem stud which is always a more attractive look because it seems to make the jewelry pop.

11. Snakebite

A snakebit is always an attractive piercing on a girl. It is cute but has that little bit of sex appeal as well. It’s not on the eyeborw but underneath the eye instead, which is a very attractive location.

12. Eyebrow Barbells

Another example of a vertical barbell in the eyebrow. This one fits her face shape perfectly, it’s not too big or too small.

13. Spikes

If you are looking for a style that is a little more badass, then try out these spiked barbells. They go in vertically to create an unusual look.

14. Rings and Barbells

This gentleman has an eyebrow ring as well as a barbell that sits off to the side. Both very popular looks when it coomes to eyebrow piercing.

15. A Combination Look

If multiple piercings are what you are looking for then this could be an option for you. Depending on your career however, this could be a difficult look to pull of on the job.

16. Popular Choices

The barbell in the eyebrow is always a popular choice you can never go wrong there.

17. One Spike

This guy has one stand-alone spike set vertically in his eyebrow. It’s a good look for him and complements his face.

18. Studs Galore

This girl has studs running alongside her eye. They go from small to big and the gems give it a real added touch.

19. One Stud

This eyebrow stud is very understated, probably because there are a lot of major piercings on the ear.

20. Multiple Rings

Another common look is adding multiple rings to the eyebrow, in this case there are four. This is a look that both a man or a woman can pull off.

21. A Startling Look

Another look that is sure to draw the eye. it’s an upper bridge piercing but not quite the eyebrow. It’s still a great look is it’s something you find appealing.

22. Pretty in Pink

The best part about this vertical barbell is the color. The pink and white are really pretty together and it’s a color that draws the eye.

23. Double Rings

One of the more simplier eyebrow piercings you can do, a double ring. It’s appealing to the eye and not overdone; a popular choice.

24. Corkscrew Ring

This piercing has the appearance that it;s a triple ring but it’s really just one long corkscrew which is a great look for a man that wants something a little crazy.

25. Barbell and Rings

An understated look, this girls has both a barbell and a ring but both are very tiny so they don’t overpower her face. Instead, they look elegant and simplified.

26. Even Girls Love Spikes

A tiny spike placed vertically in her eyebrow is a great look for her. It’s small so it doesn’t overpower her small eyebrows.

27. The Best of Both Worlds

This is an unusual barbell as it also has the ring attached to it. This style allows you to have the best of both worlds.

28.Multiple Studs

This look gives the appearance of multiple studs but it’s actually a double barbell. it’s lined parellel to the eyebrow creating a very attractive look. It’s perfect for her face shape.

29. A Businessman

A simple look for a man that wants to show his personality but still needs to look respectable in the office. it’s undertated and small yet his persinality still shines through.

30. Roll the Dice

A vertical barbell with dice attached instead of the standard ball. It’s a cute look that is also simple and understated.

31. Almost Not There

If you are looking for a design that is subtle then this is the one for you. She chose a piece of jewelry so tiny you almost don’t realize that she has a piercing. It suits her face so there is really no need to go larger.

32. Both Sides

A less common look is when both eyebrows are pierced in exactly the same way with the same jewelry. But if you want both pierced this is what it would look like.

33. An Eyebrow Made of Barbells

She has lined her entire eyebrow with small barbells. It’s risky depending on the size, you wouldn’t want to go larger but she certainly pulled the style off well.

34. Understated

Another example of a look, suited for the businessman. It’s a closer versionof the previous picture, but the look is great for the office.

35. A Barbell for a Man

This barbell is set vertically on his face and it compliments his look completely. It’s not overdone and doesn’t take away from his overall look.

36. Rings Everywhere

If you are looking for a flare of drama then look no further than this style. The girls has both eyebrows completely covered in small rings. The great part of the look is the rings are small so it doesn’t overpower her face at all.

37. Under the Brow

A pretty look for someone who wants something simple yet pretty. She has two studs underneath her eyes and if they are gems they are sure to make her eyes pop.

38. Wide Barbell

This is a great example of when you should use a wide barbell. Her eyebrows are very thin and the wide barbell sets the tone for the whole look.

39. Pretty and Simple

Another example of a vertical barbell that looks perfect on her pretty face.

40. The Rocker Style

The look overall is very much that of a rockstar. The black really stands out with the vertical barbell style. Silver is usually an understated look, while black will stand out a lot more.

41. Multiple Rings

With multiple piercings all over his face, this guy is not interested in an understated look. The rings hang on the edge of the eyebrow in exactly the same spot.

42. More Spikes

Spikes are always a good look for a man. This is a single vertical barbell spike.

43. The More Piercings The Better

An incredibly dramatic look for someone who wants something different. If your goal is to make a statement then look no further than this picture. There are a ton of piercings lining the inside and outside of the eyebrow.

44. A Vertical Black

A simple black vertical barbell works well with her dark eyes and black hair. The color really goes well together.

45. Bent Barbell

A crinkled up look when it comes to a barbell. It’s a imple look but the twisted edge of the barbell gives it a little distinction.

46. Silver Barbell

Another example of a vertical barbell that suits the face.

47. A Brow Ring

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It’s hard to tell if the ring is colored or if it’s part of the war paint theme here.

48. Simple Rings

An understated look, simple yet very pretty on her face.

49. Upper Brow

Another example of the upper brow horizontal barbell. It’s a great style to incorporate.

50. The Corkscrew Look

Another example of the corkscrew look. This one only twists around once giving you a truly unique look to your eyebrow.

51. Double Barbell

These double barbells look great sitting vertically side by side.

52. The Overstated Look

This guy has more flare for the dramatic then anyone could ever need. Not only are every aspect of his eyebrows covered in barbells but so is the rest of his face. this would be a hard look to pull off for work or special occasions and the scarring would be massive if you ever needed to take them out.

53. Double Barbells

She has very thin and painted on eyebrows so she certainly needs to be careful when it comes to the size of her jewelry. She has a double barbell that works well with her overall style.

54. A Vertical and Horizontal

She has a vertical barbell as well as a horizontal barbell situated on her brow. It lines the top as well as reaches below.

55. A Vertical for a Man

Another example of a vertical barbell piercing. It’s small and understated.

56. More Than One

He has a vertical barbell piercings as well as a few rings in his nose and lip. If you are looking for multiple piercings this is a great example of that.

57. Massive Piercings

This guy has various piercings all over his face, there are so many barbells that it’s hard to keep track. Not only does he have a few in his eyebrow but they are on his ears and cheeks and there are barbells standing up on his tongue. It’s a dramatic look for someone who really wants to make a statement but it would be a difficult one if you have a career.

There are many different designs in this article that can help you choose the perfect piercing for you. Whether you want something dramatic that will bring you a lot of attention or something subtle and simple you will find it here. research your piercer well to make sur eyou are making a great choice and then start shopping for the perfect jewelry to suit your face shape. Piercings can be a fun venture if done correctly. We hope you enjoyed the article!

The most common form of eyebrow piercing is often seen to be one simple stud or barbell in a vertical position through the outer portion of the eyebrow. Placing the jewelry through various points of the eyebrow is not uncommon but is usually kept for multiple piercings.

To maintain a unique look when it comes to researching eyebrow piercing designs, many individuals do opt for horizontal piercings as well. You will even see some individuals with a mix of both, which is referred to as T-Bone or Cross T piercings. This is when a vertical eyebrow piercing is placed under a horizontal piercing, creating four studs in the same of a T. In all actuality this is only two piercings, one barbell placed in vertical position and the other in horizontal position.

There are plenty of ways that you can sport an eyebrow piercing and still remain unique – keeping your individuality and more importantly, your personality in consistence. There is such a wide array of body jewelry that is available on the market today that showcases a vast array of colors, designs and even charms, which gives you the perfect selection to choose from, based on your personal preference and taste.

You should always ensure that the jewelry you choose complements your face. While many individuals opt for much larger barbells than traditionally pierced with, (these being called gauges) – smaller faces may look a bit awkward with them in. However, you will find that may people that prefer larger gauge jewelry also opt for additional piercings that can absolutely even out the motif of facial piercings rather nicely – despite the size or shape of their face.

So, what is the best way to choose the perfect eyebrow piercing that meets your individual needs? The answer is quite simple. The choice is up to you. One of the most attractive aspects of this type of body piercing is that your eyebrows essentially cover the piercing hole when and if you decide to take it out. With proper care you will usually only see a small incision point that looks like nothing more than a slight shadow in most cases, which will eventually fade to the point of microscopic visual existence.

In today’s day and age, body piercing has become a popular form of expression for many individuals. While it is becoming more and more accepted in the professional workplace, it is a good idea that when choosing your initial designs, to always consider your career aspect before choosing your eyebrow piercing jewelry. While some employers may not mind your form of self-expression, you will never know how clients and customers will perceive it. Food for thought.

Here are some amazing examples of eyebrow piercings that will showcase how a simple design can be done in so many different ways that help you express yourself in a plethora of creative ways.

Looking for some more examples? With so many different types of eyebrow piercing jewelry available, we can go on for days with various examples. Be sure to incorporate any tattoos or dermal piercings into your thought process as well, since they can add a wealth more creativity to your complete design pattern!

Illustrated Gu >Updated on February 18, 2020

I have thirteen tattoos as well as several piercings, and I think they’re all pretty cool.

The earlobes and cartilage are not the only places that can be pierced on an ear; the center is not the only spot that can be pierced on a tongue; and the eyebrow is not the only place that can be pierced on, well, an eyebrow. Before we begin, let’s clear up one of the most prevalent myths about eyebrow piercings—the one that says half your face will go numb if it is pierced incorrectly. This is mostly false. In order for your face to go numb, nerves would have to be affected. Bundles of nerves tend to congregate near bone and beneath muscle. An eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing that, if done correctly, rests just below the skin; it should never go so deep that it comes anywhere near muscle or bone.

A typical eyebrow piercing is pierced vertically through the eyebrow, anywhere along the ridge. According to Wikipedia.org:

«The usual place to pierce the eyebrow is at a 35 degree angle from the outside corner of the eye, however, it may be pierced anywhere along the eyebrow from directly above the eye, to the edge of the eyebrow.»

They take about 6-8 weeks to heal and because they are a surface piercing, they run the risk of migration (which happens when the piercing moves from its original location, either downwards, gradually, over time or because the body is rejecting the foreign object and attempting to push it outwards.) Barbells or captive bead rings are appropriate jewelry for standard eyebrow piercings.

Eyebrow Piercings

Another type of piercing is the horizontal eyebrow which, obviously, is pierced horizontally across the upper brow ridge. It should be done with a surface bar, which goes into the skin at a ninety degree angle and travels under the skin at a constant depth (like a staple shape) rather than a curved barbell.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings

A bridge piercing goes through the bridge of the nose (the fleshy part at the tip of the nose between the eyes). Done with a straight barbell or surface barbell, the bridge piercing is not for everybody. If the skin between your eyes is very tight and not too fleshy, it may heal crooked or be a prime candidate for migration.

An anti-eyebrow piercing (sometimes called a teardrop) is basically a piercing on the place where your eyebrow would be if your face were upside down and your eyebrows were beneath your eyes instead of above them. It is also a surface piercing that appears to be adorning the cheek rather than the eye. As such, it should also use a surface bar rather than a barbell.

Anti-Eyebrow Piercings

A spiral eyebrow is a variation of the standard eyebrow piercing, only instead of one piercing it is comprised of two or three consecutive holes. A special, spiral-shaped piece of jewelry is then looped through each of the holes.

Spiral Eyebrow Piercings

Another variation on the standard eyebrow piercing is the T eyebrow. A T eyebrow piercing is essentially a standard vertical and a horizontal in immediate proximity to one another so that a «T» shape is formed.

T Eyebrow Piercings

Finally, two or more different types of piercing can be combined to form a multiple, or combination, piercing.

Multiple Eyebrow Piercings


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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I already have my eyebrow pierced but I am IN LOVE with the spiral one it’s so pretty and unique

pro piercer

A complete idiot wrote this article.


Thanks so much regarding gviing us an update on this issue on your web page. Please understand that if a new post becomes available or in the event that any adjustments occur with the current article, I would be interested in reading more and understanding how to make good usage of those techniques you reveal. Thanks for your time and consideration of other men and women by making this blog available.


If you do get it redone, make sure they use a ndeele! So many piercing studios use guns- which are ok on the ear lobe, but if you use them on cartilage there is an increased risk of it splitting and shattering. (Blunt stud forced through. ouch!) Needles are the way forward! Personally I’d wimp out at upper ear or inner ear, but think they’d look good on you! :)x


My ex had his bridge done. It looked really nice but he ended up taking it out because it was making him go cross-eyed.


I want an anti-eyebrow and now I’m thinking of a spiral eyebrowbrow. I think the guy with the T eyebrow peircings are too bulky.

sexy diva

i want a chin piercing,it is absolutely super hot


ahah idk how this workss like im14 and i want an anti eyebrow like reallyy really bad but i have to convince my dad to let me get it done so anyy goodd things about it or advice how to do thatt? and how much do you think it would hurttt.


I want an anti eyebrow. They are super hot!


I have an anti eyebrow and love it! only took 3 weeks for mine to heal. and everyone says they love it on me. not sure if it’s a thing everyone can pull off though.


I love anti eyebrow *,* If You have kind of body that not reject any piercing that’s great ! ;P Only clean it 2 a day & it’ll heal fast as hell ! I assure You ;) OMG, I’m addicted piercing XP.


The chick with the anti eye brow piercing is hot.

I’d happily go bi for her :]

The horizontal piercings are pretty sweet. :D

la plebe

wow i going to get one


I’m really not sure why nobody has said it yet, but the girl before the spiral picture is effing hot, and the Anti-eyebrow looks amazing on her!


Just wanted to say that I love the pics! I’ve had a regular eyebrow, a bridge, and now I have a horizontal eyebrow. They are really fun and neat and definitely a piercing I’d suggest to anyone thinking about getting one!


The first guy with the spiral eyebrow piercing is cool. I want one like it too. I already have the holes I just can’t find a spiral long enough to go through both. Any help would be nice thanks! winged_sweetheart@hotmail.com



yeah i like the sprial percing the 1st guy own with the cones it awesome i wanna do mine tooo


i like all them they are neat.


That 1st guy with the spiral eyebrow piercing, i love his piercing! ITS FUCKN HOT! i need to find out where he got it at.

Eny information, let me know. I must have it!


the last girl here’s is hott and i love her piercing


11 years ago from USA

I’m not a big fan of anti-eyebrow piercings. I’ve had my eyebrow piercing ripped out twice. I’ve given up having it done.

beth merrill

wow verry interresting but i like it

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Пирсинг Horizontal Eyebrow

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Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercing has a short history. It started off during the 1970s and it was brought in by the Punk culture. Artists and celebrities of those decades helped this type of body piercing became popular.

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This type of body piercing can be done along the brow line and it can be vertical or horizontal. If it’s not pierced deeply enough, it has the tendency to migrate. Furthermore, it gets irritated by eyebrow hair. That said, plucking your hair around this area can be very helpful. This is especially beneficial if you’re experiencing swelling in the area.

When you decide to have your eyebrow pierced, make sure that it’s done by a professional piercer. Then, ensure that you show the exact place to the piercer where you want the piercing to be placed.

The most recommended jewelry for eyebrow pierce is captive bead ring with 16 gauge. However, your piercer would initially use a larger piece of jewelry since the soft tissue found on your eyebrow swells easily. To prevent swelling, a captive bead ring or mini curved barbell is an ideal choice.

In some shops, the piercer will add a smaller jewelry as a replacement without an additional fee. After six weeks or so, you can have the jewelry changed at no additional charge.

When deciding on having eyebrows pierced, make sure that you know what exactly you’re getting into and the shop’s policies regarding it.


Your new piercing needs tender loving care. If you slack off on aftercare, it will only prolong your discomfort. The use of harmful products will only lengthen its healing process.

Most professional piercers will give their customers aftercare instructions and you should follow them to avoid complications. Unfortunately, more than 50% of all customers who undergo this type of piercing simply don’t bother to practice safe aftercare regimens.

When caring for your pierced area, make sure that you use sea salt and anti-bacterial soap. Each time you clean your piercing site, you should wash your hands first. Soak a cotton ball with clean, warm water before using it to wipe away crusts gathered around the site.

Put a small amount of anti-bacterial liquid soap to your fingertip and apply it to the affected site and the jewelry. It’s not necessary that you rotate the jewelry while applying the soap to the site.

Afterward, make sure that the site has been properly rinsed and that the soap has been completely removed. Use a clean paper towel to dry the area.

For many, rotating the jewellery while cleaning the area is ideal. However, for some people, this action can do more harm than good. The reason for this is that bacteria may still be on the jewelry which may be transferred inside the raw piercing when you rotate it. It can lead to irritation or infection. That said, it’s best to clean the piercing site and the jewelry without having to move it.

Healing Products

One of the best healing products that you can use is a tea tree oil. It’s a soothing liquid that refreshes any irritated piercing. But you should only use high quality diluted tea tree oil.

Another great product is emu oil. It also offers exceptional results when you try to help heal the piercing site.

Or you can go for a chapter solution — saline solution. It’s less expensive than these two oils but it’s as effective as the oils. Saline solution is said to be more acceptable replacement for sea salt soaks.

When cleaning the area, you should never use hydrogen peroxide. This chemical may be useful for killing bacteria but it can also kill white blood cells that help heal the site. As a result, it can cause irritation while it lengthens healing time.

Another no-no product is rubbing alcohol. This product can dry your skin while it irritates the raw piercing. It could actually lead to infection.

It’s also not ideal to use glyoxide as it contains hydrogen peroxide, which can only hinder your body’s ability to heal the site. Ear care solution, too, has hydrogen peroxide and harmful chemicals that can only aggravate the area.

You should also avoid antibacterial ointments as they can only clog your pores or kill the good cells in your body that are useful for healing the piercing site.

Is it okay to pluck your eyebrows after piercing?

During the healing process, it’s best that you should not be too hard on the pierced area. However, you can still wax, shave or pluck your eyebrows. Then again, you should do it with caution. Be careful when you work around the area.

Now, when the site has been completely healed, you can remove the jewelry to pluck or wax the area. Don’t forget to put the jewelry back. When you remove and put back the jewelry, make sure that your hands are clean.

Does it require shaving off the eyebrow hair before piercing it?

There’s no need to trim or shave off eyebrow hair prior to piercing. A professional piercer can pierce an eyebrow with bushy hair.

When the piercing grows out, it will migrate to the surface of your skin. This means that this type of body piercing isn’t permanent, even though it can last from a few months to a few years. But it really depends on you and your body.

On the other hand, if the piercing is rejected, your old layers of skin will fall off to allow new skin cells to grow beneath the surface. So, when the jewelry has a little skin left or the surrounding skin gets tiny or if the hair stops growing, you should take the jewelry out. Leaving it until it grows will only leave you with a severe scar.

However, if you still want your piercing, hang on to your jewelry. Then, have it done again once the site is closed and your brow feels back to normal.

Will it cause scarring?

Piercing involves puncturing your skin. And anytime you puncture or cut your skin, there’s always a chance of scarring. This means that you’re highly likely to experience scarring in the area. However, if you properly take care of the site, scarring should only be minimal. If there’s scarring, it’s concealed underneath the hair of your eyebrow.

Then again, if you don’t care for it or if you abuse it, the scarring will be more noticeable. That said if the piercing grows out, you should remove it before it gets to the surface, which may cause further scarring.

Now, if you’re left with a tougher tissue around the area, make sure that you massage it with emu oil or cocoa butter to minimize the scar.

How would you know if the site is infected?

Irritation is sometimes mistaken for infection. In the case of eyebrow piercing, infection is seen as inflammation to the area. There’s also soreness around the site. It can swell up for days, weeks or months after the piercing.

The entire area will get itchy and shiny. You will also experience green or bloody discharge. If you think that you’re having an infection in the area, you should continue cleaning it with sea salt solution.

Avoid touching the area with your dirty hands. It’s also not a good idea to apply hair products on the site.

If you need to hide your piercing for some reason, you should never cover it with a band-aid, long bangs or make-up. You need to allow the healing to complete and ensure that the jewelry remains on the site until the healing process is complete.

When the piercing is fully healed, you can already conceal it by wearing a glass retainer. It still keeps the piercing site open while it makes the site difficult to spot.

Thus, when you want to pierce your eyebrows, make sure that you won’t decide later on that you need to hide it while it’s still healing. Remember that it takes up to two months for the area to heal.

Is it possible to hit a blood vessel during piercing?

Your face is filled with nerve endings and blood vessels. That said, it’s indeed possible that a piercer may hit a nerve ending or a blood vessel. However, if you choose to have your piercing done by a professional, the areas with blood vessel and nerve endings can be avoided.

Before the procedure, your experienced piercer will pinch the skin to get a better feel of your skin and check if there’s a blood vessel in it. As long as it’s done by a professional piercer, this type of piercing won’t cause any problems.

Eyebrow piercing pain

When you get your eyebrow pierced, you will surely experience pain around the area. The kind of pain experienced is the same pain that you get to experience when you pluck your eyebrow hair. Since it requires puncturing the skin, you will likely to experience swelling and bruising.

How long will it heal?

It takes up to eight weeks for your piercing to heal properly. If you notice a pus-filled bump in the region, it’s clearly indication that the site is infected. Clean the area with the solution recommended by your piercer. And seek medical help, especially if it’s severely infected.

To avoid infection, you should follow the aftercare instructions of your piercer. You should also opt to have it performed by an experienced piercer.. While your eyebrow piercing is healing, avoid using wax and other hair removal products on the area. If you need to remove unwanted eyebrow hair, use tweezers, instead.

When you go to a hairdresser, make sure that you inform the hairdresser about the piercing on your eyebrow. It’s also a good idea to protect the area using a bandage.

Wash the area twice a day, during the first two weeks. Make sure that you only use an aftercare solution recommended by your piercer.

It’s also ideal that you keep the piercing site moisturized. And always watch it for signs of infection. If you see any, contact your piercer or your primary care physician.

While waiting for the site to heal, never play with the area or move the jewelry. As mentioned earlier, never use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol when you clear the piercing area. Additionally, never take the initial jewelry out until the site is fully healed.


Whatever your reason is for getting your eyebrow pierced, it’s important to remember that this type of piercing requires commitment and dedication. You need to properly take care of it to prevent infection and complications. You should follow the aftercare instructions of your piercer. The tips mentioned above can make it easier for you to endure the pain while the site is healing.

Choosing Eyebrow Piercing Placement

By chronic
on April 2, 2020

While many piercings date back thousands of years, eyebrow piercings are a recent creation. They began to appear in the 1970s as a fashion statement. If you’re looking to make a statement of your own, eyebrow piercings are a great option.

Depending on placement the name, eyebrow piercing, is sometimes a misnomer as it can describe facial piercings along or near the brow. There are a number of placement options depending on the type of eyebrow piercing you get.

Types of Eyebrow Piercings

Although it is a relatively new piercing category, there are already a number of cool variations of eyebrow piercings. We take a brief look at some of the most popular types, including:

Vertical Eyebrow Piercings

Vertical eyebrow piercings are the standard style. Just like the name suggests, this is a vertical piercing that goes anywhere along the ridge of the eyebrow. The most common placement is to pierce at a 35-degree angle from the outside corner of the eye.

Most vertical eyebrow piercings are a single piercing with two holes (one in, one out). But alternatives like spiral eyebrow piercings can have 2-3 piercings for 4-6 holes. These have a single piece of jewellery looping through the eyebrow.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings

Horizontal eyebrow piercings are similar to vertical. The key difference, of course, is that they are pierced horizontally. Otherwise, the placement options are the same. Once again, the most common location is towards the outside corner of the eye.

Vertical and horizontal eyebrow piercings are the most standard types. But you can make them as unique as you like by picking piercing jewellery and placement that fits your style.

Multiple Eyebrow Piercings

Multiple piercings are the big thing in piercings right now. We see this in other piercing types such as the curated ear. They are usually a combination of vertical eyebrow piercings or vertical and horizontal.

T eyebrow piercings are a multiple piercing type that always stands out. In these, a vertical and a horizontal eyebrow piercing overlap, creating a T shape.

Bridge Piercing

Bridge piercings are the first of these piercings that ventures off the brow itself. If you trace the ridge of your eyebrow to the bridge of the nose, you come to the location of a bridge piercing. It is a horizontal piercing with the jewellery on either side of the nose, right between the eyes.

Your facial characteristics can determine whether this is the right eyebrow piercing for you. The area needs to have enough flesh. If the skin is too tight the piercing may shift.

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Anti-eyebrow piercings are opposite the eyebrow. These piercings are below the eye, about the same distance from the eye as standard eyebrow piercings. To get a feel for anti-eyebrow placement options, trace your finger along the orbital bone below the eye. Usually, this piercing is along or just below this ridge.

Eyebrow Piercing Placement Risks

So long as proper piercing safety procedure is followed, eyebrow piercing is generally safe. There are, however, potential risks depending on placement. This is part of why you should go to a professional piercing shop for your next piercing.

With any piercing, there is some risk. Usually, the main risks are infection or rejection of the piercing. These are avoided by following proper aftercare, choosing hypoallergenic jewellery, and using experienced piercers at sanitary studios.

For some eyebrow piercings, there are claims of an extra risk. The supposed risk is that if you pierce too low between the eye and brow, or too close to the nose you could hit a major nerve. If the nerve is pierced there is a possibility of minor nerve damage.

There are two ways to avoid this risk. The first is to choose a different placement for your eyebrow piercing, such as the upper-outer brow. The second is to visit a professional piercing artist at a studio. They have the experience to pierce without going to deep.

Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery

The options for eyebrow piercing jewellery are plentiful. Most, however, fall into one of two categories:

Barbell Jewellery

Not just for weightlifters, barbells are common for eyebrow piercings. They are a simple piece with a bar going through the piecing.

The barbell ends come in a variety of styles. You can choose anything from a simple ball to diamond clusters.

The most popular types of barbells for eyebrow piercings are curved barbells. Other options include surface bars, spiral, and circular barbells. Straight barbells, however, should not be used for eyebrow piercings.

Eyebrow rings

Rings are another popular option for eyebrow piercings. Fixed ball and captive bead rings are two of the most common rings for this piercing.

A captive bead ring consists of two parts, a ring and a bead or ball. The ring doesn’t complete quite a full circle. The bead fills in the gap between the ring ends, giving the appearance of a completed circle.

A fixed bead ring is similar to a captive bead ring. But instead, the bead is in a fixed position. It has the advantage of it being harder to lose the bead. The disadvantage is that upon close inspection, you can see a gap between the bead and the open ring end.

Our Favourite Piercing Aftercare

NeilMed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare

NeilMed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare saline spray helps in healing piercings. It is an isotonic, drug-free, preservative-free solution for cleaning your piercing during the healing period with no burning or stinging to irritate the pierced area. The sterile saline solution can be used as part of your healing process with any fresh piercing, including ear piercings, nostril piercings and belly button piercings. Neilcleanse sprays in any direction for easy use without touching your piercing.

Getting An Eyebrow Piercing in Toronto & Vancouver

Toronto & Vancouver is an ideal city for body modification. Here, you’re able to choose the best piercing artists and studios. In the hands of these professionals, eyebrow piercings are safe, fun, and unique piercings.

Пирсинг Horizontal Eyebrow

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Видео Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

Изображение Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

88 Unusual and Really Cool Eyebrow Piercing …

Since the vertical eyebrow piercing is already considered common, you should find out more about its variations, which are indeed fun to try and appealing to wear. Among its variations are the anti-eyebrow piercing, the horizontal eyebrow piercing, the teardrop, crow’s feet and butterfly kiss.

Gettin’ my Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing. — YouTube

29.04.2020 · Gettin’ my Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing. Adrian De La Cruz. Loading. Unsubscribe from Adrian De La Cruz? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working . Changing My Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry. FIRST TIME! — Duration: 6:53. BreeAnn Barbie 116,290 views. 6:53. All About My Eyebrow Piercing.

Eyebrow Piercing Gu >Перевести эту страницу

Eyebrow Piercing Information. Eyebrow piercing is the process of micro-needling the eyebrow tissues for creating a space for the piercing hole. The foundations of eyebrow piercing were established in 1960’s and until that time, eyebrow piercing is known as the stunning fashion trend …

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing Deldirme . — YouTube

13.06.2020 · We Did A Surface Eyebrow Piercing!! — Duration: 10:43. LuLu’s Body Piercing 45,159 views. 10:43. Laser Tattoo Removal — The Ugly Truth — Duration: 13:33. Caesar Cinema 245,322 views. 13:33. Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercing — Wikipedia

An eyebrow piercing is a vertical surface piercing, wherein a twelve to eighteen gauge cannula needle is inserted through the bottom of the eyebrow and exits through the top of the eyebrow to permit insertion of jewellery. Those performing the piercing may use a pennington clamp to better guide the needle through the skin.

How often do horizontal eyebrow piercings …

25.04.2020 · I turn 18 in two weeks and I want to get a horizontal eyebrow piercing, but I heard that they reject a lot. How hard is it to take care of a horizontal eyebrow piercing and how long does it take to heal? Do they get infected easily and how bad is the scaring if I decide to take it out? Are they annoying at all and do they easily get .

Illustrated Gu >Перевести эту страницу

Another type of piercing is the horizontal eyebrow which, obviously, is pierced horizontally across the upper brow ridge. It should be done with a surface bar, which goes into the skin at a ninety degree angle and travels under the skin at a constant depth (like a staple shape) rather than a curved barbell.

Специалисты по пирсингу брови

Реклама Пирсинг брови от 500 руб! Отзывы и примеры работ на сайте. · круглосуточно · Москва

Help center

If you’re thinking about getting an eyebrow piercing, but you aren’t sure what style of jewelry would be best or you don’t know anything about proper eyebrow piercing aftercare, no sweat! We’ll cover these topics and more in these Eyebrow Piercing FAQs, like what gauge to start with, how to identify and deal with any post-piercing problems that arise, the coolest eyebrow rings on the market, and more.

Common Eyebrow Piercing Questions

Answers to Common Eyebrow Piercing FAQs

Q. What’s the ideal starter size for eyebrow piercing jewelry?

A. The most popular sizes for eyebrow piercings range from 12g up to 18g. However, the thicker the gauge, the more likely you’ll be to keep your eyebrow piercing long-term, so don’t start out with jewelry that’s too small. Eyebrow piercing are surface piercings, which means they have exit and entry points, but not ones that go cleanly through a body part like earlobe piercings do. Instead, the skin will be pinched to create a forced entry and exit point for the needle and jewelry. From the moment you’re pierced, your body will immediately start fighting against the foreign object, trying to push it out slowly like it would a splinter. If you start of with a 12g or even a 14g eyebrow piercing barbell, your jewelry is less likely to migrate out over time. Piercing deeply and with the heaviest gauge that’s appropriate for a particular body part is the best way to minimize chances of migration and rejection with surface piercings.

Q. Am I stuck with eyebrow rings, or are there other styles of eyebrow piercing jewelry I can wear?

A. There are two primary styles of eyebrow jewelry with lots of sub-styles available. You’re absolutely not limited to eyebrow rings, but if you choose rings, you open yourself up to the options of captive bead rings, seamless rings, D-rings, segment rings, and even spiral rings. You can also choose from more traditional-style eyebrow rings, which look like mini bent barbells, and circular barbells, which are basically horseshoe-shaped rings. Here’s a sample of some of the more popular styles of eyebrow piercing jewelry options available to you:

Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Q. Where should I go to get my eyebrow pierced?

A. It’s best to have a highly-recommended piercer in your area pierce your eyebrow for you. A professional piercer will be best equipped to pierce you at the ideal depth to minimize chances of migration and rejection. A tattoo and piercing shop will also be able to better ensure that you’ll receive service under the safest standards possible. Your piercer should autoclave the jewelry you’re having inserted right in front of you, setup a sterile tray and lay out all the packaged tools s/he’ll need to pierced you, and wait to open any of those tools until you’re situated, have had your skin prepped, and your piercer has put on a fresh pair of gloves prior to starting the piercing process.

ONLY let a professional pierce your eyebrow with a proper piercing needle that’s been immediately removed from its packaging right before being used on you. Piercing needles are relatively inexpensive now, so there’s no good reason for artists cutting corners and re-sterilizing used needles.

Q. What do eyebrow piercings cost?

A. A single eyebrow piercing averages $40 in the city, although it may cost more in more upscale areas and less in more rural ones. The cost of rent and the volume of traffic are two factors that tend to affect a shop’s piercing price list. If $40 seems steep to you, keep in mind what a small portion the person doing the work will likely receive. They have to pay for tools and jewelry out of the money they make, and the shop they work for will take a commission from each piercing they do, except when the piercer owns the shop or on the rare occasions a shop pays a piercer an hourly salary. Piercing is largely a commission-based business, though, and every penny counts to a piercing artist, so be generous with your tip if your artist does a good job. (Give a minimum of 15% unless they were terrible, rude or otherwise unprofessional, and preferably 20%-25% for exceptional service.)

Q. What if I’m under 18? Do I need to take my mom or dad or any other special info with me to get pierced?

A. In our Piercing Minors article and Tips for Piercing Minors blog post, we talk about state-by-state regulations regarding piercing minors. If you’re under 18 and want to get your nipples or genitals pierced, you’ll simply have to wait until you turn 18. There are a handful of states like New Mexico, Washington, Vermont, and Nevada where there are currently no other state-wide piercing age restrictions, but most shops in those states still require a parent or legal guardian to provide written consent for you to get piercing before you turn 18, and many require that the consenting parent or guardian stay on premise during the procedure. Even if your state allows minors to get pierced with parental permission, you may still find that you have to be over a certain age to get your eyebrow pierced, like 15.

Visit our Piercing Minors page to review the state-by-state list of laws for piercing minors and the repercussions for not following the rules. You may also need to look at your city or county’s website for additional rules added at a local level, and always check with your preferred piercer to see if their shop has set its own minimum age requirements for particular piercings.

Q. Can I get a double eyebrow piercing in one sitting?

A. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t get more than one eyebrow piercing in one sitting, as long as you’re up for the physical challenge. Getting an eyebrow piercing isn’t the most painful thing in the world, and most people’s adrenaline starts kicking when they’re about to be pierced, providing a somewhat numbing effect. If you’re scared that you still won’t be able to take the discomfort, ask your piercing artist to spray on a topical anesthetic like Dr. Numb a minimum of 20 minutes before piercing you. The 5% lidocaine in the spray will numb the skin where you’re about to get pierced and help make it a more comfortable experience.

Q. What does proper eyebrow piercing aftercare entail?

A. Caring for a new eyebrow piercing is pretty much just like aftercare for every other type of piercing. Your piercer will give you a bottle of aftercare spray like Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray, and tell you to mist it on your piercing 3-6 times per day. That’s one of the most important things you can do to help your piercing heal fully and well, as the saline wash will keep your piercing hole (fistula) flushed of debris and bacteria. It’s also important to minimize touching your new jewelry as much as possible. Note that you may develop crusties, which are just the result of clear lymph that your body naturally excretes when healing any wound drying to a whitish crust that can sometimes make your jewelry feel stuck in place. If that happens to you, soften the crusties with sea salt solution, and then gently wipe them away with a clean tissue. Do not twist, turn or slide your jewelry to break up crusties, because you can push bacteria into the healing fistula, leading to infection.

While your eyebrow piercing is healing, it’s important to take care of yourself in general. Be hygienic overall, but don’t wash your piercing with soap. Soap can be drying and cause delays in the healing process, particularly if it’s scented. Eat nutritiously to keep your immune system strong, and get plenty of good sleep, since that’s when our bodies heal best. Avoid nicotine and alcohol as much as possible, too. Both things can slow down your body’s natural ability to heal, and alcohol can slow your body’s ability to clot if a scab comes loose.

Q. What kind of problems can arise with a new eyebrow piercing, and how should I handle them?

A. There are a few problems that may potentially arise with a new piercing, but most can be easily overcome with enhanced aftercare. For instance, if you experience excessive swelling and skin around your piercing that’s red, itchy and irritated, you could be having an allergic reaction to your jewelry. Have your piercer change it to a piece of jewelry made from an inert metal like titanium or a hypoallergenic material like BioPlast (PTFE) right away and see if that resolves the issue.

If you develop the notorious «red piercing bump», don’t worry; it’s highly unlikely you’re developing a keloid or a scar of any kind. This type of issue, called hypergranulation, is most likely to present when pressure and moisture are both present. If your eyebrow ring is too tight, have your piercer change it out for a longer barbell ASAP to get the pressure off before it causes tissue death (necrosis), which can lead to infection.

Signs of infection include red streaks radiating from your piercing, skin that’s hot to the touch, potentially fever, and discharge of thick, yellowish pus. If you have any of these symptoms or have just had your jewelry changed because of one of the other possible issues listed, it’s important to ramp up your aftercare regime for the next one to two weeks. Of course, if symptoms of infection get worse within a couple days, you should see your family doctor about getting on an antibiotic, too.

When ramping up your piercing aftercare regime to address an eyebrow piercing problem, you should go back to misting your piercing morning, noon and night with a piercing aftercare spray, and any other time your piercing feels hot and irritated. You may also want to incorporate 2 full sea salt solution soaks per day, where you saturate a series of clean cotton balls with aftercare spray and press them gently to the front and back of your piercing for a total of 5 minutes. If your skin is dry or cracked, add a small drop of tea tree oil to the saturated cotton ball before applying it. Tea tree oil is a natural moisturizer and antiseptic that can help your irritated piercing heal faster.

Q. How long will it take for my eyebrow piercing to heal?

A. Your eyebrow piercing may appear fully healed within 6 weeks, but it’s best to give it at least 3 months before attempting to change your jewelry yourself. It takes time for the fistula (piercing hole) to thicken and reinforce to a point where it isn’t constantly being irritated, particularly when new jewelry is pushed trough. The longer you leave your starter jewelry alone, the more likely you are to be able to keep your eyebrow piercing as long as you want and with the fewest problems during the healing process.

Q. At what point can I change my eyebrow piercing jewelry myself?

A. The first time you change out any starter jewelry, it can be tough. If you made a mistake and bought jewelry in the next gauge up, you may not be able to insert it yourself fast enough and end up with a closed hole by the time you get to a piercer for help. If you really want to change your jewelry at the 6 week mark, definitely have your piercer make the change for you, even if there’s a small jewelry change fee involved. Even at 3+ months, you may want a helping hand the first time you change your eyebrow ring.

Alternatively, you can try using a few little tools to make it easier to change your jewelry yourself. For instance, get a threaded taper in the same size as your new jewelry, and attached the jewelry to one end of the taper. Apply a small drop of water-based lubricant like Astroglide on the tip of the taper, and gently work it through your piercing. Or, instead of using a taper, use a piece of jewelry with a complimentary thread pattern (ex., if your current barbell is external, find an internal one with matching threading or a converter post to help you link up the new and old jewelry and use the new jewelry to push out the old jewelry.

Q. How is an eyebrow piercing different from an anti-eyebrow piercing?

A. An eyebrow piercing is placed anywhere along the ridge of the eyebrow. An anti-eyebrow piercing is placed below the outer bottom corner of one eye. Sometimes anti-eyebrow piercings are done using surface barbells, other times they’re done using dermal anchors. Some people just have a single «tear drop» shaped dermal placed below the corner of their eye as an anti-eyebrow piercing that looks like a permanent tear.

Q. Is there special eyebrow piercing jewelry for guys?

A. There’s a ton of cool eyebrow piercing jewelry for guys. Many guys favor darker colors, like blackout jewelry, as well as barbells with cool shapes on the ends, like alien heads, snakes and other more masculine designs. Here are a few of our most popular male eyebrow piercing jewelry:

Special Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry for Guys

Q. If I’m not ready for a real piercing, how can I get a fake eyebrow piercing?

A. If you’re looking for something more realistic than a traditional clip-on earring to make it appear like you’ve had your eyebrow pierced or some other body part like your ear cartilage or navel pierced, we have the answer for you: captive bead rings! Now if you’re scratching your head wondering how you can make a real piercing ring look like part of a faux eyebrow piercing, don’t worry; it’s an easy trick. Just pop out the captive bead, pinch the skin where you want to slide on the captive ring, slide it on, and gently squeeze the ends together until the ring stays in place well. You may have to play around with the different diameters until you find a ring that fits closely and well, but it should be a fairly affordable experiment. Make sure you get a ring in a manageable gauge, like 14g, 16g or even 18g, and you’ll be set. Oh, and save the captive balls for later. After all, you never know when you may want to get a real eyebrow piercing and put that captive ring to proper use later!

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