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Phone dating cleveland transvestites

""Individual therapy offers a non-judgemental space for you to learn more about yourself and the issues that are troubling to you.

Central to my practice is a supportive and trusting relationship in which you can feel valued, respected, and worthy.

Together we will break patterns and heal parts of yourself you lost contact with along the way.""I specialize in seeing Individuals and Couples in my private, home office for Personal and Relationship issues.

I focus on your specific needs and what you want to accomplish. Where relevant, we together deal with your unfinished business from the past and your expectations for the future. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a three year, post graduate, training certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.""I specialize in seeing Individuals and Couples in my private, home office for Personal and Relationship issues.

I will also collaborate with you to identify habits and patterns that are no longer useful or effective in helping you meet your needs.

I practice from a clinical, Gestalt-oriented, developmental lens with evidence-based approaches, to support clients where they are and as they engage in the therapeutic process.""Supporting growth in self-awareness helps us lean into who we are, accept ourselves, and look at growth edges that may be painful or scary.Whether you enter therapy in crisis or for personal growth, our journey together will have identifiable goals and we will regularly assess your progress.""Finding a way to live authentically, connect deeply with yourself and others, and stay grounded as you ride the waves of life’s transitions, can be very challenging, especially alone.As a Gestalt, body-oriented psychotherapist, and dancer, I utilize evidence-based, embodied-relational, and collaborative approaches to help you find your way.It can be profoundly therapeutic to speak to someone who knows how to listen.The gains and insights achieved can be thrilling, but the process itself is hard work.

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