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Petit lupin dating NPeh2TWS Marqui Conley is #wanted by the #FBI for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking organization. Do you have information on Amanda De Guio's whereabouts or the circumstances of her disappearance from #Delco?

Please contact @UDPolice at 610-734-7693 or FBI Philadelphia at 215-418-4000, and help Amanda's family get some answers. The #FBI's August #Artifactofthe Month is a set of IDs that belonged to notorious spy John Anthony Walker, Jr., a former U. Navy officer who passed cryptographic secrets to the Soviet Union for more than 17 years before the FBI arrested him in 1985.

The FBI Honors Internship Program application is open now through September 15. FQc YOAFI It's taken a lot of hits so far this week, but our door is still standing!

Come down to the @Aurora Games Fest Fan Zone today from 3-7PM for #FBIOnthe Case where you can come solve a crime like a #Special Agent and take your swing at the door!

Don't want to give the plot away but I think this is holding some fans back from reading -here's a hint- they don't die it just looks that way."Harry." Elizabeth answered."Me? You're the only one who can keep her safe, you've proved that. Make her Emily Potter." Elizabeth pleaded."I'll do whatever you want, but you need to think this through.Harry I want you to be there for her please.""Absolutely." Harry replied.As the meeting broke up the other teachers moved about the room talking to each other, Elizabeth or Abby.The #FBI is now recruiting undergrad and graduate students to work alongside special agents, intelligence agents, scientists, victim specialists, and more through the Honors Internship Program.Apply for the summer 2020 #internship today at

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