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Spanish-speaking people in the center of the country are the most numerous and are culturally dominant.

If we are not able to resolve a complaint, you may submit it through the EU online dispute resolution platform at "Catracho" comes from the name of Florencio Xatruch, the general who led the Honduran expeditionary force against William Walker in Nicaragua in 1856.) Identification.The name of the country means "depths." It was so named by Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage because of the deep waters at the mouth of the Tinto o Negro River off the Mosquito Coast.The center of the country originally was covered with pine and broadleaf forests of oak and other trees, but much of the pine forest has been logged and much of the oak forest has been cut for farming.The north coast was once primarily rain forest, but much of it has been cleared for commercial banana plantations. It includes the "Mosquito Coast," which is actually a long series of white sand beaches and freshwater lagoons.

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The Chortí and Lenca peoples live in the rugged western highlands.

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