Pb 210 dating

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The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

The EPA presently suggests that corrective action to be taken to reduce the radon levels in your home if measured over the long term at 4 p Ci/L or greater.

Most suitable for dating very recent sediments suspected of being less than 100 years old.

Alpha Spectroscopy Services (Geochronology and Paleolimnology Services) In particular- Radio isotopic Lead dating - Lead Pb-210 analysis by most frequent method, Alpha Spectroscopy to measure sedimentation rate/sediment accumulation rate to find out age of the sediment (Geochronology and Paleolimnology).

For the X with a measured ratio near 0.4 at an estimated age of near 40 years, the measurement is an indication that age was over estimated by nearly 30 years.

The X on the ingrowth curve provides a validation of the estimated age.

The method can also provide measures of age when no other estimate was available (e.g. Ken Rubin at the University of Hawaii in the Isotope Laboratory of School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology (SOEST) on refining the methodology.

Gamma Spectroscopy Services Measurements of Cesium Cs-137, Beryllium Be-7, Radium Ra-226, other radioisotopes belong to Uranium U-238 series & Thorium Th-232 series by Gamma Spectroscopy.The X’s plotted provide a demonstration of how the information from a measured lead-radium ratio can be used.For the X with a ratio near 0.7 at an estimated age of 10 years, the measurement is an indication that age was underestimated by about 20 years.Lead dating - Pb-210 is an isotope in the uranium-238 (U-238) decay series. Although it can occur in secular equilibrium with its grandparent, Pb-210 concentrations are not constant because geo-chemical processes separate Pb-210 from the longer lived parent isotopes in many systems.This separation and subsequent decay provides the opportunity for the use of Pb-210 as a dating tool.

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Physical Chemistry Services Bulk density measurement of sediments (both dry & wet form) in gram per cubic centimeters at different depth intervals , measurement of conductivity, preparation of sample, both dry & wet forms for homogeneity prior to analysis.

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