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Tagging your chats will give you access to a whole new level of customer data.

By adding a short label to a chat, you will be able to look up statistics for a particular type of cases only.

Both your agents and customers can use Live Chat to exchange files. No need to switch back and forth between the chat and the Archives.

According to EU GDPR it is now legally required to ask for your permission to set cookies on this site. It does however use Google Analytics to track website performance.

It also uses Google Ad Sense and Galaksion to monetize itself and keep the site running, which requires cookies.

Clicking will send you to the online customer support page.

There you can select the "Contact e Bay" tab and access an automated tool that triages customer inquiries and provides links to other tools—or limited contact information based on the information that the customer provides.

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For example, you may check what are the current customer satisfaction levels for support chats.

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