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Novels about dating violence

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to start conversations about healthy relationships with the Mighty Girls in your life.

while he just thought she was weird, with her love of trees and chickens.And if she takes that seemingly insane risk, what will she learn?With an ending that's sure to generate discussion, this book will get teens talking about what they would give up for someone they loved.Leo, like the rest of his schoolmates, is captivated by the eccentric and fascinating Stargirl when she arrives.But when the school turns on the non-conforming Stargirl, Leo sees only two choices: join her as an outsider, or convince her to be "normal." Stargirl loves Leo, but she has her own question to answer: is it crazier to be in love with the weird kid at school, or to deny who you really are in the name of love?

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