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As long as the output language is set to English, it will work.Once again, it goes without saying that using Google Translate to bypass internet blocks offers no privacy protections.Some services theoretically block access from VPN IP addresses.

If authorities in your location are likely to prosecute based on the sites you visit, a smart DNS provider is not right for you. If you need to quickly access a blocked website on a one-time basis, a free proxy might be the way to go.It doesn’t require any third-party apps or downloads, and there’s no need to worry about IP addresses and DNS servers.Just head to the Google Translate homepage, enter the blocked site’s URL in the box on the left, and click on the hyperlink in the right-hand box.It’s the IP address that points at a server and directs your traffic.DNS servers are responsible for converting domain names into their associated IP addresses.

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When you think of web addresses, you probably think of the domain name (e.g., that you type into your browser’s address bar.