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So we asked UCC if it had adopted a policy similar to the one at the universities that are part of the Oregon University System.

Understandably, school officials did not immediately respond to our questions. 19, we received a response from Rebecca Redell, UCC’s vice president and chief financial officer, who said the school’s weapon policies do not apply to those who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. 19: The student misconduct policy regarding firearms does not apply to students with a valid concealed weapons permit.

Trump, the Republican party’s leading candidate for president, was one of several GOP candidates who criticized the school’s policies on guns.

He did so, for example, during an interview on “Fox and Friends Weekend” ( at the -minute mark). 4: You know that was a gun-free zone in Oregon where they had no guns allowed, no nothing.

“Basically, by registering to be a student, by being an employee, or by using a ticket to an event, the person had to agree not to bring a weapon — even if they had a concealed weapons permit,” Pernsteiner wrote.

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“Buildings were posted as not permitting weapons as a condition of entry into the building.

But, as you note, a person with no relationship to the university but with a concealed weapons permit could have such a weapon while walking on and across campus grounds (university open spaces).” However, Pernsteiner also told us that the board’s policy “applied to the seven universities that were within the university system and did not apply to any of Oregon’s 17 community colleges,” including Umpqua Community College.

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