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Naveen andrews dating

But we defined in the line about his profession, but he was additionally covered by wiki in the actual estate business however he hasn’t disclosed. His Barbara and Andrew later reconciled at 2010 of May, the couple declared that they had separated.

They were together until late 2009, although they split for a brief time in 2005 during which he fathered his child Naveen Joshua with Elena Eustache.

He splits his time between homes in Los Angeles and Hawaii, where Teadmata kadunud (2004) was filmed.

Naveen William Sidney Andrews was born on the 17th of January, 1969, in London, England.

Naveen is the elder of two brothers, and has had an interest in acting since an early age.

At the age of five, a teacher mentioned to Naveen's parents that he had expressed interest in being an actor.

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This talented actor with the expressive eyes has continued to work steadily through out his career, and became more widely known for his role of Sayid Jarrah in the popular television series Teadmata kadunud (2004) .