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Narcissism dating

[Read: Emotional cheating and 10 bad things it can do to you] #6 Stubborn and dogmatic, they only will concede if it gets them something.

Getting an apology from a covert narcissist can only be accomplished if they want something from you or if it’s part of their end-game.

As upset as you are with them, if you confront them or get into an argument with them, they manipulate the situation with such mastery that you end up feeling at fault and apologizing.

A covert narcissist knows exactly how to spin something to make you feel like everything you were thinking is wrong, even when your own common sense and logic tells you otherwise.

As if there is a protective layer to them that you can’t penetrate, things never seem quite right or real when you’re with a covert narcissist. It makes no difference if it’s you or someone in a third-world nation who is starving to death, they have no ability to empathize, so they never feel sorry for anyone.

#3 No matter what happens, you always feel at fault.

[Read: 12 ways to stop negative people from sapping your energy] #2 Although charming, you only see it when they want something.

Very charismatic when they want to be, the covert narcissist’s charm only comes out when they want something from you or the people around you.

Not being able to feel empathy, they’re very low on emotional intelligence, which makes it difficult to talk to them on a deeper level.

#11 They have an inability to feel remorseful for what they do.

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There are countless articles written on the psychology of narcissism.

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