My white daughter dating black man Chathurika piris sex

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My white daughter dating black man

For example, would you let your daughter date someone who is Middle Eastern? The world is changing and the belief system that you grew up with is not the same one that she is experiencing every day in her school and with her friends.

What used to be thought of as a 'black only' culture (rap music, dress style, slang language, etc.) is rapidly being adopted by white kids all across the country -- and the world. Whether your differences are racial or cultural or both, you need to discuss them separately with her.

I have raised my two kids by myself, for most of thier lives. I recently married a man with three grown daughters. She is beginning to show signs, the cloths she wants to wear, the music she listened to, all her girlfriends are black (i don't have a problem with that alone) and she defends her older sisters and the choice they are making in thier lives.

Going into the relationship i felt pretty open minded about the issue and tried to be supportive. I do not believe in interacial relationships and do not want my daughter thinking it is okay to do.

I am afraid the sisters will encourage her and teach her its okay to date black men.

I feel like I entered into a relationship which will by nature of its design, cause my daughter to have the wrong examples in life.

Although I desperately want to go on a tangent about this, I can't even say how true this is. I would suggest that you sit down with your daughter and explain your feelings and why you believe interracial dating and marriage is wrong.

My daughter's happiness is more important and takes premise over my personal feelings. If you don't want your daughter to date black men, then you should be able to present her with VALID reasons why you think it's so wrong.

I myself can't come up with anything...I guess I'm no help at all except to tell you that unless you do have valid points and prove why it's so damaging to her then you're at a loss.

Don't get me're entitled to believe what you wish. You may think she does, but you'll be fighting a losing battle and believe it or not, the more you try to push her away from it, the more she's going to run towards it.

It's not wrong to date black men, I wouldn't care at all if my daughters were in love with a black man.

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So do the same thing with your concerns about interracial dating.

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