Most intimidating police cars

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Most intimidating police cars

Even though police cars bear some resemblance to standard production sedans and SUVs, they aren’t.

Instead, they are souped up specialty vehicles equipped with custom police-specific powertrain and equipment.

Below we have rounded up some of the more interesting police-issue machines, though, featuring everything from the fast and cool to the just plain dreadful.

UK police officers are sometimes the worst offenders for having the worst police cars.

(Yes, you can choose to lead police on a high speed chase, but that’s generally not advisable because they never end well.) That’s where the Michigan State Police steps in.

Every year, the department puts Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler’s latest patrol car offerings through a grueling series of performance tests including acceleration and top speed.

Although the car is no longer produced, Ford continues to maintain the majority of market share for police cruisers in the country.

A police car is supposed to strike fear and offer reassurance across the world, with citizens knowing that the police are out and about keeping the world a safer place.

How many horses are used to power the 100-amp three-tone siren, we’re not sure. Still, Skoda will convert the Scala in-house, so it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of getting a shiny new panda-car onto the beat. And what’s more British than snapping up a bargain, after all?Bad guys, sock with rock in hand, ready to bust a car window, sees a car pull up to a stop sign with, “Recruitment” on the side in blazing red and… They see a car pull up that reads, “Sixth District Task Force” or “Street Crimes Unit”, Or “Tactical”, or “Special Forces”, and they run, or at least chill out and leave.So, to answer your question, a police officer’s presence is the first level of force.You can tell a lot about a nation from what it chooses to police its mean streets. Italy has been known to dabble in the odd Lamborghini, or an Alfa Romeo super-saloon. Surely our boy and girls in blue are entrusted with wingshod Mc Laren Sennas, shrieking Aston Valkyries and stealthy Jaguar I-Paces? Meet the latest recruit to the police academy ranks. Not so much the long arm of the law as the generous bootspace of justice. Or maybe Dubai: Ferraris and AMGs patrol the streets.

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However, police cars can be quite dull and tedious.

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