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But Travis is a man of his own and he had redeeming qualities that made me happy he was able to find what he had been missing. Honestly I am a tiny bit disappointed with this story. No matter how long I stop reading, I will always come back to them.

I like how this book ended even though it’s a bit sudden. if the one you love ain't smiling at you over breakfast, you're a failure in the sex department."Pretty good.

However, to me, how Russell and Clarissa get together might need further elaboration because to me it is so unreal. I don't know why I find myself skimming pages to move on, but lately more and more I do this in books.

Even though they were there under mysterious circumstances, that didn’t stop the children from becoming friends.Remarkably, the town looked much like I remembered from my childhood in the 60's and it was a nice journey back in time.While living in Arizona ('92-2001) I would frequently watch the movie when I was homesick; I enjoyed seeing my old town, my old schools & the surrounding scenic shots.This was such a sweet romantic story of being able to get past the outward appearances and into the heart of a person. I like all the characters but not enough to captivate me.A lovely read in a wonderful little town called Edilean. I like all the characters but not enough to captivate me. Comparing Tristan’s and Travis’s romance, Tristan’s was much much more romantic.

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