Mirroring body language and dating

Posted by / 04-Jul-2020 13:40

Mirroring is a social phenomenon where people mimic another person’s posture, gestures, and words.

Their thoughts and emotions aren’t aligned – and they probably aren’t communicating effectively.A waiter or waitress who repeats back a customer’s order at a restaurant is more likely to remember it, then someone who just says, “Okay, got it!” When we mirror people’s words (whether vocally or even inside our heads), our minds are doing a quick mental check to see if what we heard makes sense and that we understand it.They also tend to look at each other at the same time and look away at the same time. In many ways, mirroring can be seen as a form of perspective taking or empathy.Previous research in psychology shows us that our bodies reveal a lot about the way we are thinking and feeling (the term for this is “embodied cognition”).

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We mirror each other's body language as a way of bonding, being accepted and creating rapport, but we are usually oblivious to the fact that we are doing it.