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Millionaire dating uk

If you’ve just jacked in your career in banking to retrain as a life coach or a mountain guide, then you’re probably not rich any more.But if doing this (rather than complaining about your current predicament) means you’re a happier person, then not only are you a massive success in a much more important way but you’re also a colossal rarity on the dating scene.She shops in Prada, he buys his clothes in charity shops.Rob Crossan explains how love works across the financial divide – just don’t tell her about the meal deals Have you ever seen a female multimillionaire stare blankly at a pork pie?We’re most comfortable when we’re lying on the sofa together or at a bar talking about books, box sets, the state of Russia today and (a favourite of Anna’s) why British men can’t ever wear trousers that fit them properly – an area where, she claims, Russian males are world leaders.

I chucked the pork pie away and climbed into her Aston Martin, a two-step act that raised me around six social classes in the space of four seconds. It was an ordinary one, not one of those notorious ‘cocaine and comeuppance’ sites for the supposed uber-rich.

‘I do appreciate the effort, Rob,’ she said kindly.

‘But Soho House has ice buckets and champagne on its roof terrace.’ Clearly my romantic picnic was a bad idea.

I arranged to meet her in a hotel bar in Mayfair for our first date.

But, as she would later tell me, ‘I would have gone to Wetherspoons if you’d wanted to.’ Because she admitted on the first night we spent together that she’d spotted something in me beyond the surface of my dating profile before we even met that she’d been seeking for rather a long time.

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