Midlife men dating youre notice

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Midlife men dating youre notice

What I did was relax, letting myself simply be worshipped. What was even more revealing was when he shared his history with older women: his last serious girlfriend was almost my age. He left her during a tense recovery, when the healthy baby and the infirm mother both needed someone to wipe their tushies. Instead, he took the infant to live with an attractive rural woman he had met on Facebook, somehow got kicked out of there, lost custody of the kid to his half-sister, and six months later escorted me to a near-empty gastropub that charged for Brussels sprouts.

Then he told me that his worst day had been when his mother sexually abused him. As Nietzsche said, sometimes we show compassion to the unlucky because we are just glad it is not us.

It felt like some meerkat, dominant-female bullshit — my manager was also in the room, but I got all the abuse. If I couldn’t face an email about a potential writing gig, he’d review it first, giggle strangely, then shorthand what it said as I stood paralyzed in the kitchen expecting rejection.

In bed, he was as careful and attentive as someone preparing a body for burial. Maybe there was so much postelection dread that I would have huddled around anyone’s fire.

Around the tenth question, when I asked him to describe his ideal day, thinking he might say “Bike through Golden Gate Park, then do a beer-and-painting-class,” this 23-year-old stranger said it would be waking up with me, making me breakfast, then watching movies all day.

I’d like to say I jumped up to leave, said “That’s weird, dude,” and grabbed my purse. And when this stroke survivor lashed out and said he should just leave, he was too green to realize that she didn’t really mean it.

Later, holding hands on the walk home, he attacked something I had said that was ungrammatical. ”“No, I’m Obama,” he said, and shook loose from my hand.

He looked about 30, and if you’re into Jeffrey Wright or Drake, this man would have definitely caught your eye.

On our first date, I brought out the “36 Questions to Fall in Love With Anyone” app.

That’s what it was like to date a younger guy who was desperately in need of love and stability.

A guy who was sleeping on his friend’s couch and working the cash register at a corner market I was an overeducated black woman with good credit, no kids, who was 20 years his senior — I should have known better.

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