Michael strahan dating eddie murphys ex wife airline dating

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Strahan has two grown children with ex-wife Wanda Hutchins and twin 9-year-old daughters with second ex-wife Jean Muggli.

Murphy was previously married to comic star Eddie Murphy from 1993 to 2006.

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reporting that Eddie Murphy’s ex wife, Nicole Murphy, who now dates Michael Strahan, has spent every penny of the divorce settlement she got from Eddie four years ago.

Her friends might be okay with, but the government surely is not, as they are looking for the 6,000 she owes them in back taxes.

He allegedly added spy devices to his ex-wife's car and his ex sister-in-law's bedroom before as well. According to the For several months, the couple had exchanged gushing e-mails, professing their love for each other. APPARENTLY HE CRAZY IF HE STALKING PEOPLE AND SHIT.

“They love each other very much but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain the relationship,” the rep tells Us in a statement.

with Kelly and Michael co-host and his fiancee Nicole Murphy have split, his rep confirms to Us Weekly.

In September 2012, he officially joined ABC’s Live! He also joined the Good Morning America family as an anchor in April.

SMH.....nicca's and flies, its a whole lot of celebrity foolishness going on....it just mirror's regular folk stuff. ..what the hell is Michael getting these tracking devices from, he is crazy too.

The money just gives celebrities to do foolishness on a bigger scale! This is in no way related to the post: ATTN NYC People: The PS 41 community is sponsoring “One for Jasmina”, a donor drive on behalf of Jasmina on Saturday, March 7 from am– pm here at the school (116 West 11th Street between 6th & 7th Avenues).

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You cheat on Michael he believes you will cheat on him. If he has to do all that, he's better off dropping her. Tee-Tee, i feel you, always have a back up man, i mean back up plan lol! I aint saying she's a gold digger..she aint messing with no broke broke! She should be a little mindful of when to introduce her kids to folks if she is in love with someone else or whatever. Well i guess karma hit Michael, cuz wasn't he a serial cheater on his wife? [quote comment="442491"][quote comment="442472"][quote comment="442416"]Aww come on, Nicole Murphy is a man, you guys!!