Metro dating and matrimonials

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Members can access the database of this site, which focuses on professionals, largely engineers and MBAs.

They also have to pass through a stiff entry format.

Young marketing professional Mridul Saboo enjoys a full life in metropolitan Mumbai.

She is part of a book club and a board gaming group. There are no like-minded men at work and she has no time to socialise on weekdays.

It is a complaint that you often hear from women who try out the new dating sites and apps.

Married men lurk as bachelors in a bid to bed unsuspecting women.This was underlined by a random survey of single women in the 25-32 age bracket conducted by dating app Woo, which rolled out in July 2014 and has half a million downloads on Android today.The problems that the women listed ranged from fear of rejection to worries about being thought "desperate" and worries about safety.Just what does a woman in search of a life partner do?Not in favour of the old system of arranged marriages, many of them have also discarded matrimonial websites as just an online form of the old classified ads.

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Many of the apps do not verify facts, so anybody can pass off as single.