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Meri png

By sharing our stories, we can inspire girls to embrace tech tools that can radically alter the course of their lives.Here are some ideas to get you started: Through our stories, we will celebrate important achievements for women and encourage girls everywhere to explore life-changing opportunities.

She will be starting on a two week trial on Monday so only time will tell I guess!I decided to buy some Chinese almond biscuits, individually wrapped ‘Japanese Style Pastries’, some sort of dried fruit & a square silver packet which I have no idea whether it will sweet or savoury (I’ll update you tomorrow! We also went to the Numundo Beef Planation to pick up the order I’d placed on Tuesday, so we’ve now got a freezer filled with T-bone steaks – yummy 🙂 There were police two roadblocks in town again today & I had to go through both twice (there & back).The police seemed to be heavily armed today for some reason, but were perfectly friendly to me!It’s commonplace here for both Expats & executive PNG Nationals to have a Haus Meri (some have more than one, especially if the family have children) & often a full time gardener too.Our Haus Meri & gardener are provided by the company & live in free accommodation with access to medical care & schooling for any children.

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