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Mastectomy dating

Later, he would support me by saying that he wasn’t really a boob guy and showed me photos of women with beautiful “mastectomy tattoos.” This helped calm my mind about the potential future mutilation of my body.

Both her mum and aunt also had the disease, which lead her to her double mastectomy in September 2018, just after her 26th birthday.

I hadn’t even had the chance to use that organ to breastfeed yet.

The day I was scheduled to meet the surgeon and discuss my surgical options, my boyfriend was supposed to come with me.

Plus, I’ve found that you can’t say, “I don’t drink” without an explanation. When men would ask me out for a drink, I found myself wondering if I wanted to use up my precious beverage experience that week on a stranger, or if I wanted to save it for friends.

I learned to say, “Would you rather go for coffee, or for a walk?

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