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Part of the reason why baby boomers prefer to shop online with their laptops and PCs is that they don’t make purchasing decisions lightly.Unlike millennials, baby boomers are far more hesitant to buy things on a whim. This means they’re far more willing to read the fine print and thoroughly understand all the nitty-gritty details of what they’re getting themselves into before they make a purchase.A Millward Brown Digital study found that 31 percent of baby boomers use laptops or PCs to shop online.

It’s also wise to avoid any jokes that might require background knowledge of a recent internet trend or fad.

Even when it was the client who brought up the issue of age, to begin with, he was still very upset when he was called old in a situation where the resume writer was simply throwing out ideas that could help make him seem younger to potential employers.

When in doubt, simply avoid talking about a baby boomer’s age, and if anything, make them feel younger than what they actually are. With his vast experience in marketing and human resources, he co-founded a company offering resume and cv writing services.

Instead, you should be putting in the extra time and effort to show that you have a superior product that’s worth their while.

Remember, they are willing to do the research, so you should be willing and even delighted to systematically break down all the reasons why they should buy from you. With people’s attention spans shorter than a goldfish's and getting ever shorter by the year, using long strands of text has become a taboo in marketing.

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Here are the results: Source Using search engines scored higher than watching videos and using social media in every category except for one, making it by far the best digital marketing channel among the three.

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