Mario dating amber rose sister

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In artwork, Daisy's crown was pink and her jewels were blue.

In-game, her crown was red and her jewels were green.

Tatanga, a space alien, invades Daisy's nation, Sarasaland, in order to marry her and make her his queen.Daisy is unlocked once Area 30 is cleared; where she is found and curtsies Mario before thanking him.Daisy's special ability is the double jump, and it is unique to her. A Daisy statue of 5🌟 rarity and a Gold Daisy statue of 6🌟 rarity can be acquired by playing through Remix 10 mode and getting them from the Bonus ?Throughout the game, enemies disguise themselves as Daisy to trick Mario into believing he has rescued her (specifically, the Birabuto, Muda, and Easton Kingdoms had a Fly, a Gunion, and a Kumo posing as the princess, respectively.).In the end Daisy is rescued, but Tatanga manages to escape. The instruction booklet calls Daisy "Daisy Princess" on the thirteenth page, even though her official name is "Princess Daisy" (as seen elsewhere in the manual).

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