Marine rules regarding dating civilains

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At MCRD San Diego, you do not need a gate pass to enter the Depot for Family Day and Graduation.

Every person age sixteen and older is required to have a valid form of photo identification to gain access to the Depot. Acceptable forms of identification include: state issued identification cards, driver's licenses, passports, military dependent identification cards, and school/work identification cards.

For those with a loved one in military service, you are not alone.

If you are driving a vehicle, you must present three documents to the MP (Military Policeman/Policewoman) to be allowed on the Depot: On Thursday and Friday all visitor vehicles MUST enter through Gate #5 (Washington Street Exit off I-5). All packages, handbags and luggage are subject to search prior to being admitted to the Depot.

For quicker entry to MCRD, please keep those items at a minimum. Shuttles from hotels and motels MUST use Gate #5 ONLY.

Family members and loved ones of Mike Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, applaud and cheer as the new Marines run by during their motivation run at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

The run signifies the last training event on the training schedule. All military installations, including the Depot, have rules that must be followed for security and to maintain an organized community and lifestyle while on the base.

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Evacuation entitlements are payable to Military Dependents, Civilian employees not on TDY orders and Civilian dependents.