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Lower keys dating

On October 15, 1999, the eye of Hurricane Irene barely missed the Upper Florida Keys after days of observation.After passing over Cuba as a tropical storm, Irene intensified over the Florida Straits to hurricane force and headed for the mainland.

Afterward, as historians, we both realized that we had just experienced the last hurricane at the Keys of the millennium 1,000-1999.

- 1844 – The October 5 storm, known as the “Cuban Hurricane”, moved up the Keys causing considerable damage.

Many of the structures built by the Navy on Indian Key and all wharves were reported as washed away.

Can you imagine how much we would know if they had?

This imagination has to be qualified, for the Spanish ridded the Indians, or at least tried to, of their religions, customs, and writings in other parts of the New World.

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- 1794 – A “dreadful” hurricane August 25th occurred at Havana – 100 bodies were recovered in the harbor the day after. The crew of the Vigilant stayed on their water-filled hulk 48 hours without food or water until found by Bahamian wreckers. Key West was inhabited in 1822 and in early 1829 a post office and newspaper were in business.